How to Host a Great Summer Party

This How to Host a Great Summer Party post was updated in July 2022.
Learn how to host a great summer party
Summer is in full swing and that calls for any excuse to celebrate. Fire up the grill, ice down your drinks and invite over your friends. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tricks for a well-planned backyard bash that will have you ready to host the party of the summer.

No theme? No problem

You don’t need a milestone like a graduation or birthday to throw a party. In summer everyone is looking for an excuse to get outside and enjoy a drink with family and friends.

Instead of worrying about a theme for your party, think back to the simplicity of your childhood summer days. From swimming all day at the pool, cooling off with an ice cold popsicle, to running around barefoot in your yard catching lightning bugs. You didn’t need much to have the time of your life. Remember this as you plan your party. Keep it simple, keep it summer.

Host a great summer party with melamine dinnerware

Use Melamine

Melamine has earned our stamp of approval for a number of reasons. This is our go-to dish for entertaining because it’s beautiful enough to be used indoors and durable enough for the outdoors. Chip and shatter proof, melamine is safe to use with kids and is ideal for gatherings around the pool. Clean up will be a breeze since it’s stain-resistant and easy to rinse.

Host a great summer party with drink stations and beverage tubsDrink Stations

As we all know,  summer heat is no joke so it’s important that everyone has something to hydrate and cool down with. Make sure you have a few bags of ice and plenty of drinks iced down ahead of time.

If you’re hosting a larger party, rather than having one large drink station that can get backed up by guests, place a few beverage tubs around your party to reduce wait time for those much needed cold beverages. You can mix and match drinks or devote a tub to certain types of drinks, like soda, water, and beer.

Barbecue ribs for summer party

Fire Up the Grill

When we think of summer, grilling out is top of mind. Whether you’re cooking up a rack of ribs or some fresh veggies, your options are endless on the grill. It’s also nice to cook things that can be prepped and made outside, that way you don’t have to leave your party and be relegated to the kitchen. Do as much prepping and cooking in advance, then finish things up at the grill while the party is going on.

Light It Up

There’s something magical about outdoor string lights in the summertime. Hang them up to add instant life to your party whether it’s day or night. Your guests will love this easy addition that adds a summery feel. The best part is you can use these lights year round, from a summer BBQ to cozy Christmas décor.

Don’t Forget the Tunes

Every good party needs music to bring some life and set the mood. Even if the music is used as background noise, figure out what kind of vibe you’re going for and what music you think your guests will enjoy. Spend some time creating a playlist beforehand, that way when the party starts you can press shuffle and sing along with everyone else.

Sun & Shade Zones

With the summer heat, it’s always nice to have somewhere to go if you start getting too hot. If you don’t have a covered porch or shady yard, create some shade with a big umbrella. It’s nice to keep everyone outside and a part of the party, even if they don’t want to be in the sun.

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