Podcast, Episode 99: designer Angie Hranowsky

Today’s guest has been named one of the “20 Designers to Watch” by Traditional Home, included in Southern Living’s “Top Five Tastemakers” and featured in House Beautiful amongst many others. Based in Charleston, Angie Hranowsky’s style combines modern and vintage with a healthy dose of color to highlight the taste and lifestyle of her clients. She joins the show today to talk about finding the confidence to take risks, gives us a peek into her favorite projects, and shares a few of her favorite resources for buying vintage and antique.

Open concept living room with white sofa, coral chairs, and shag rug
What You’ll Hear on This Show:

  • Angie’s background, and how she got into design and started her own business in Charleston.
  • The Coastal Living Idea House, and how Angie went into it with the intention of making it look like a real project rather than just an idea.
  • Why Angie gravitates towards using colors, especially purple, yellow, and turquoise.
  • A few of Angie’s tips to get homes to feel beachy and coastal, without being too obvious in design.
  • Angie loves to mix all sorts of styles and textures, and has been incorporating modern, vintage and found pieces for years..
  • How Angie made the best of economically challenging times, and some of her personal budget friendly tips for making the home look beautiful.
  • How Angie ended up working with Darius Rucker and his wife, and the great time they had creating something original and chic while transforming their newly built home.
  • Your house can be more about the art and the objects, doesn’t have to be all about color.
  • Angie’s theory on threading color similar value and tone throughout the house.
  • Angie’s new project of a kitchen house, and how it might be the most colorful project she has done yet.
  • Angie’s unusual use of light fixtures, and why she tends to use vintage lamps to support originality in the homes.
  • Why it’s important to treat your furniture, to kid, pet and spill proof your home.
  • How to get a proper foyer, and why a package drop off room may be a thing in our near future.

Decorating Dilemmas:

Hi All!

I am a big fan of your podcast and love listening to the variety of entertaining and VERY informative guests that you have on each episode.  Thank you for 

 We recently renovated the house,  and added windows flanking the fireplace in our family room in order to bring in more light. These windows flank a working wood burning fireplace and face our neighbors house, so I am worried about having fabric too close to the fireplace,  but leaving them bare isn’t an option.    I would like to do full length drapes on the triple window in the room (and would love to layer them with a natural bamboo roman shade),   but don’t know if I have the clearance to put the same type of window treatments around the fireplace.  The windows on either side of the fireplace are 29” wide with a 7 inch clearance on either side (7” to the wall and 7” to the hearth).  Is that too narrow to do full length drapes on either side?  Do I do just one panel on the outer part of the window (I don’t love that look but that is the only other idea I can come up with)?   If the clearance is to narrow:  WHAT would you recommend to cover these windows? 

Secondly,  Is it necessary (or recommended!)  to do window coverings on a sliding glass door?  If so:  What do you do? 

Any advice (on window coverings or other ideas!) would be much appreciated! 



PS- I can send you a floor plan with dimensions if that would be helpful.

Angie has had the same scenario before, and looks like there is plenty of room on either side of the fireplace. (We think!) If there indeed is, drapes would cozy up the room and add warmth to the space. Bamboo blinds would work, if they are mounted up high behind the rod with an outside mount. The other option besides panels on either side of the fireplace is doing drapes on the long wall, and using custom Roman shades using the same fabric. If the space between the drapery and the fireplace is too close, you may have to do the Roman shades to match the style of the drapes.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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