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Get inspired by our collection of design ideas and projects, organized by season: winter, spring, summer or fall – we’ve got ideas for all!

    Summer 2023 Paint Colors

    With the sun-filled days of summer now in full swing, it’s finally time to infuse our homes with summer paint colors that provide the…

    Spring 2023 Paint Colors

    Spring is a time of rebirth, new beginnings, and giving your walls this season’s best & boldest paint colors from the Ballard Designs catalog.


  • MJJ23 Paint colors

    Winter 2023 Paint Colors

    There’s no better time to refresh your indoor spaces than during the chilly months of Winter when you’re stuck inside and dreaming of Spring….

    Holiday 2022 Paint Colors

    Ask any design professional, and they’ll tell you that paint is the quickest and most affordable way to change a room. The difficult part…

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    Fall 2022 Paint Colors

    Fall is breezing in, and we can’t wait to add a dash of seasonal color into our homes. Instead of a moody fall color…

  • Summer 2022 Paint Colors Featured

    Summer 2022 Paint Colors

    The countdown to summer is officially on! To welcome this sunny season, we painted our rooms in bright, versatile shades and added in a…