Fall and Holiday 2023 Paint Colors

Winter Paint Color Barrington Green

There’s an unmistakable feeling of warmth and comfort in the air when we transition from summer to the fall and winter months. For those willing to capture this magical fall feeling on their home’s walls with a fresh coat of paint, look no further than these cold weather inspired paint colors.

Find your new favorite wall color from our fall and winter 2023 paint color catalog below to bring an unexpected new palette into your home, and be sure let us know in the comments which paint color has you feeling inspired for a seasonal refresh.

Please keep in mind that color may vary due to various light conditions, finish and other factors. It’s always a great idea to test a paint sample on your wall first.

Barrington GreenGreat Barrington Green #HC-122 — Benjamin Moore

The first fall paint color on our list captures the essence of both autumn and winter with earthy tones and a sophisticated aesthetic. It’s vibrant green tone brings life into any room of the home during the day, then mellows itself into a relaxing more darker hue at night.

Great Barrington Green easily pairs with other fall-inspired colors in a truly delightful way: mix warm hues like burnt orange, cinnamon, or even bronze metals to beautifully complement this green shade.

Driftwood Fall Paint ColorDriftwood #2107-40 — Benjamin Moore

This warm fall hue carries with it a timeless elegance that is perfect for the most relaxing rooms in your home. Like weathered driftwood washed ashore, this paint color mimics the subtle grays and browns found in fallen leaves and tree bark to create a relaxing, neutral backdrop.

Unlike bolder colors that may lose their charm over time, this hue remains relevant and enduring, allowing you to enjoy its beauty not only during fall but throughout the year.

Fall paint color in a living roomGray Mist #OC-30 — Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist is a delightful fall paint color choice that encapsulates a cozy seasonal ambiance. Perfect for quiet areas of the home like a front room or home office, we recommend adorning your walls with this color if you seek to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Gray Mist gracefully adapts and enhances the overall autumn ambiance of a room and blends effortlessly with other fall-inspired colors or decorating elements. Its light-reflecting properties create an airy and spacious feel during the daytime too, enhancing the glow of warm sunlight filtering through your windows and further embracing the beauty of fall weather.

Gale Force fall paint colorGale Force #SW-7605 — Sherwin Williams

Gale Force possesses a unique balance of drama and versatility in the autumn season (and beyond). While its bold blue-gray hue exudes a powerful presence on its own, it also seamlessly complements all home decorating styles from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic.

Its striking contrast to common fall colors enhances your living spaces with a sense of drama and sophistication that few wall colors can actually accomplish. Pair it with warm hues, floral designs, and other natural textures to bring attention to every aspect of your fall decor.

Van Courtland BlueVan Courtland Blue HC-145 Benjamin Moore

Winter brings about a shift in lighting conditions, casting a golden glow that gently enhances the colors around us. That’s when Van Courtland Blue effortlessly adapts to these changes by emulating the sky and absorbing the natural light to create an ever-changing and dynamic atmosphere within your home.

This timeless blue-gray hue exudes a certain level of elegance that complements a wide range of interior styles. Whether your winter decor leans towards classic sophistication or modern simplicity, Van Courtland Blue effortlessly integrates.

indian white fall paint colorIndian White #OC-88 — Benjamin Moore

This subtle cream-colored hue offers a soft contrast to the vibrant colors of the fall season. When used in more tranquil areas of the home such as an office, Indian White reflects the warm tones of Autumn and creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere to relax and unwind.

One of the most remarkable qualities of Indian White is its ability to serve as an excellent backdrop for showcasing wall decor accent pieces. It acts as a neutral base, allowing other fall-inspired colors like deep reds, golden yellows, or burnt oranges to pop and take center stage.

gray fall paint colorGarret Gray #Sw-6075 — Sherwin Williams

We wanted to end this year’s fall and winter 2023 paint color guide with our personal favorite color of the cold season: Garret Gray. This captivating gray reflects the natural hues of fall foliage, evoking the feeling of being surrounded by the warmth and richness of the season

The luxurious gray hue with not only complements the fall palette but also infuses your home with a sense of coziness, making it an ideal choice for celebrating the beauty of autumn in a living room or home office.

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