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Design your new room with our magical 3D Room Planner, a powerful visualizing tool that enables you to recreate your space in amazingly realistic detail. Place Ballard products inside so can you see how they'll look before you buy. Designing your room with our intuitive 3D Room Planner takes the guesswork out of decorating and leaves the fun in.

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1. Create Your Space

Start with one of our beautifully pre-designed templates or create your own space from the ground up using the dimension of your room, choosing everything from flooring to fixtures and all the finishing touches in between. Using a simple click or drag-and-drop, you can fill your virtual room with actual Ballard products to make sure they work, saving valuable time while avoiding costly mistakes.

Ballard Designs

2. Select & Place Product

Use the room planner tools to rotate, replace, delete, and view your furniture and décor selections. And change your mind as often as you like. Try items of varying dimensions to ensure a perfect fit and flow for your room. You can also experiment with wall colors, lighting, flooring styles, and more.

Ballard Designs

3. Save & Share

Download your 3D plans to share by email or social media. Review your plans with a Ballard design consultant online or in-store to get free expert advice and product suggestions. Once you have the ideal virtual space, bring it to life with the help of a Ballard consultant.

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