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Under-foot doesn’t mean out-of-mind; the right rug adds warmth, beauty, and style to any room. From runners to high-fashion carpets, check out these ideas.

  • Assortment of Ballard Designs Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

    4 Reasons to Use Outdoor Rugs Indoors

    The reason we love using our indoor/outdoor rugs on a porch or patio is obvious: these super durable, stain- and fade-resistant rugs instantly transform…

  • Rug size guide

    Guide to Choosing a Rug Size

    You can give your room an instant makeover with the quick switch of a rug. Everything about a rug, from the texture of its…

    Decorating with Round Rugs

    There’s something so lovely and unexpected about round rugs. They’re a welcome change from the conventional rectilinear nature of our surroundings, from floors to walls…

  • Ballard Designs cowhide rugs

    We’re Into: Cowhide Rugs

    If you’ve always thought a cowhide rug just isn’t for you, think again. These chic, one-of-a-kind layering pieces have proven to be a natural…

  • Pair of rug runners in the bedroom

    Two Unexpected Ways to Use a Runner

    Let’s pretend we’re playing a word association game, and we give you the term “rug runner.” What word immediately comes to mind? Was it “hallway”?…

    Our Love for Oushak Rugs

    Although Oushak rugs (pronounced ooh-shack) date back to the 15th century, the style is as chic as ever – and has become the rug…

    What can a rug do?

    What can a rug do for an area in your home? From accenting a developed design to becoming the centerpiece of the room, a rug can make all the difference.