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Under-foot doesn’t mean out-of-mind; the right rug adds warmth, beauty, and style to any room. From runners to high-fashion carpets, check out these ideas.

    What can a rug do?

    What can a rug do for an area in your home? From accenting a developed design to becoming the centerpiece of the room, a rug can make all the difference.

    Rugs & Fabrics: Lessons in Layering

    Defining your room’s style is all about layering in a perfect balance of texture, color and pattern. To get you inspired, we’ve paired six of our rugs with great fabric combinations. Imagine applying these fabrics to pillows, curtains or bedding. Or pull from the color scheme for wall paint, vases and furniture. Your options are endless.

    Why We Love Our Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

    When we first introduced Outdoor Rugs more than five years ago, we admittedly had one thing in mind: transforming drab outdoor spaces into truly…

  • Choosing a rug

    Choosing the Right Rug

    With so many styles, colors and materials to choose from, how do you know which rug is right for you?