Decorating with Round Rugs

A round rug in a dining space

There’s something so lovely and unexpected about round rugs. They’re a welcome change from the conventional rectilinear nature of our surroundings, from floors to walls and most of our furniture. But it can be hard to know just what to do with one. Take a look at our ideas on how to pull off a round rug in any room.

A round rug in a dining space

Using a round rug under a round table is an obvious choice — and a smart one at that. We love the harmony and balance the repeating shapes bring to the room. Just make sure the rug is large enough to fit dining chairs even when you pull them out to sit down.

A round rug in an office space

Designers often use a round rug to make a small space appear larger, making it ideal for nooks, offices and children’s rooms. We love the way the circular shape of the rug in this office opens up the space and complements the offbeat vibe of the room.

A round rug layered over a natural fiber rug

Layering rugs enhances the coziness of a space, and throwing a round one over a larger, rectangular rug adds the perfect amount of visual interest.  The key to layering rugs is to stick with a similar construction and look, so the overall effect isn’t too busy, especially in a bedroom like this one.

A round rug in an open space

Using a round rug can be a great way to define a space, such as the one here. All of the pieces in this seating arrangement touch the rug, instantly creating a vignette and adding a sense of intimacy.

A round rug in an open space

Try pairing a round rug with a piece of functional furniture, such as a console or bookcase, in an entryway or the corner of a large room. It defines the area and creates a pit stop, or space to linger, as you drop your keys or pick up a book.

A round rug in a dining banquette

A round rug in a breakfast nook is a natural fit, especially in the space above. The curved lines echo the shape of the table while also softening the squared edges of the banquette seating, serving up an inviting and cozy space to dine.

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Caroline McDonald

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