Don’t Be Afraid Of: Faux Plants

Faux greenery is no longer faux pas

If you ask us, artificial flora and greenery have always had a bad rap. For many people, fake plants instantly conjure old, dusty rooms in grandma’s house. Others operate under the rule of thought that they’re just plain t-a-c-k-y.

But for all you naysayers out there, we say: forget what you think you know about artificial plants and take a second look at today’s tastefully made and totally realistic-looking versions. You just may find that you’re ready to go faux. And, hey, they’re easier to care for than the real thing. So if you’re ready to fake it with a faux plant, check out our styling tips below.

Faux greenery is no longer faux pas

Ease into the look by mixing your artificial plants with live greenery, whether it’s fresh clippings from the garden or grocery store or some potted plants you already have. It’s an easy way to give your home a lusher look without all that watering. Plus, it makes it harder to tell what’s real and what’s not.

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The great thing about today’s artificial plants is they’re easy to shape. You can bend petals, stems and branches to make them appear a certain way or even look like they’re reaching toward natural light. Just don’t arrange them too perfectly. You want your plants to have an organic feel. And reposition the foliage from time to time to freshen the look. Here, we shaped the stems and leaves of each potted orchid a little differently to avoid having them all look the same.

Faux greenery is no longer faux pas

Faux greenery is no longer faux pas

Potted trees are a great choice for filling corners or flanking furniture — anywhere you want to add a little color and texture. We like to anchor them with a piece of furniture, such as a console, bookshelf or chair. Of course, our trees look perfectly natural next to a window, but they’re also a good solution for dark areas, such as a mudroom or laundry room, where nothing will grow.

Faux greenery is no longer faux pas

Need an object with a little height for your coffee table arrangement? Or perhaps you want to pull together an effortless centerpiece for your dining room table? Artificial plants are a simple solution. We love to group our realistic topiaries in varying heights down a table for a quick and easy centerpiece. Or, station a single potted flower or plant on a coffee table to complete your look.

Faux greenery is no longer faux pas

Naturally, the best part about owning an artificial plant is its low maintenance. You don’t need a green thumb to have one, and you’ll never have to worry about watering, pruning or fertilizing it. But you do have to dust it occasionally to keep it looking its best. After all, dusty leaves are a dead giveaway.

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