20 Green Rooms and Why Your Home Needs More Green

Green Bedroom

Green rooms seem to be everywhere in interior design—from painted finishes, upholstery, soft fabrics, and even house plants—and you know what? We absolutely love it!

Adding a pop of green in any room brings a fresh, inviting, and serene feel. That’s why in this special follow up to our blog post about Why We Love Blue Rooms, we’re sharing why we love green rooms and how to bring more of this timeless color into your home.

1. A Timeless, Calming Color

While trends may shift, green has always held its ground as a timeless color choice for one simple reason: people associate green with nature and tranquility.

Outdoor Room

Research suggests that green hues can actually reduce stress levels when used in bedrooms and lounge areas, which is why we love incorporating green on softgoods like bedding, rugs, pillows, or even drapery panels.

Green Bedroom

2. The Endless Spectrum of Green

Another reason we love green rooms are the wide range of shades available to suit any mood. From sage to chartreuse, green is a truly versatile color that layers easily, always looks fresh, and can be fairly easy to match into existing spaces.

Unsure of what shade of green will work your existing space? Here’s some of our favorite strategies:

  • If you’re aiming for a more dramatic look, consider deep green tones to make a statement. We used this strategy in this Hartwell Upholstered Sofa shown above.
  • For a peaceful ambiance, lighter green shades as accents are the way to go. Notice how the soft greens in both angles of the living room shown below give off a natural feel, almost like sitting in a tranquil garden oasis.
  • Add a small splash of natural green texture by accessorizing with faux or real houseplants. They look great styled on a bookshelf, office desk, or even hanging from the ceiling.


3. What Colors Mix with Green?

We also love how effortlessly green complements other colors. Just like in nature, you can easily mix green with pinks, purples, blues, white, yellow, and every color in between. There’s a shade of blue that will bring depth and balance to any palette.

Blue and Green Living Room

  1. Pairing with Neutrals: Every space still needs a bit of color, and green is the ultimate way to add a breath of fresh air and vibrancy to a neutral room. We love how green can make a big impact with small touches such as plants, textiles, or accent pieces.
  2. Pairing with Cool Tones: Green pairs rather effortlessly with cooler color tones in a room. Pairing green with cool blue, for example, can create a calming yet vibrant vibe, while pairing with a lighter shade of purple can add a bit of sophistication. In relaxing spaces such as bedrooms and beach houses, we recommend using greens as a primary color and accenting it with cooler tones for visual interest.
  3. Pair with Warm Tones: Mixing green with warmer colors like yellow, orange, and red can create a vibrant yet warm & inviting space. Because these warmer color tones are on the opposite end of the color wheel to green, the combination of the two feels intentionally dramatic and contrasting.

DECORATING TIP: We recommend using the color wheel as a guide for choosing color. If you’re not familiar with the color wheel, it’s a fool-proof way to help you choose a color palette. Read more about it here.

4. Here’s How We’re Designing Green Rooms

Living Room with Green WallsLiving Rooms — Vibrant Gathering Spots

  • Green is ideal for family gathering spots such as the living room. This space is centered around hosting guests and building cherished memories, making it a natural fit for the vibrant energy that green brings.
  • Whether you opt for a striking green sofa or prefer subtle touches of green in your decorations, artwork, and rug, this hue can liven up your living space.

Green BedroomCalming Green Bedrooms

  • Whether you go for soft, gentle greens for a subtle vibe or dive into deep, lush shades for a more dramatic flair, green sets the stage for ultimate relaxation in any bedroom.
  • We love using a combination of greens and whites in bedding, wallpaper, and drapery panels, then accenting the rest of the room with cool tones.

Office with a green wall color from Ballard DesignsGreen Paint Colors 

  • Green on the walls? Yes, please! It’s like bringing a distant treeline right into your home. With all the shades of green out there, from soft and soothing to rich and dramatic, you’ve got options galore to set the mood just right.
  • Green walls work perfectly to set a calming mood in bedrooms and home offices: Give our Spring and Summer 2024 Catalog Paint Colors a read to see just how beautiful this color can be on interior walls throughout the entire home!

Working with Plants & Greenery

  • Don’t want to commit to something big and bold like a painted wall? Take advantage of your home’s natural greenery as decorating inspiration! We love finding outdoor furniture with cool or warm accent colors that match the natural, summer greens in the backdrop.
  • Keep in mind that this is a seasonal approach to decorating, so be prepared for how this design will look when the leaves change color and disappear completely.

Green Dining Room

Are you ready to design a green room of your own? Shop our favorite green pieces and find more color inspiration from these helpful posts below:

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