Podcast, Ep. 366: Betsy Berry

Interior Designer Betsy Berry

This week, we welcome Charleston-based designer Betsy Berry. Known for her bold and dramatic approaches to designing traditional homes, Betsy also has a profound appreciation for historic architecture that stems from her upbringing in South Carolina.

Betsy chats with us about how to balance traditional and modern elements in interior design, preserving the architectural details in Charleston’s historic homes, and her process for designing spaces that feel contemporary while celebrating romance and tradition. Betsy also shares her journey from studying fashion design to launching her career in New York and eventually starting her own firm in Charleston.

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Images of Betsy Berry Interiors design projects courtesy of bberryinterios.com

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  • Betsy’s upbringing in South Carolina and journey from studying fashion design to discovering her passion for interiors.
  • How working for top designers on extravagant projects for wealthy clients in New York shaped her eye and approach
  • Betsy’s appreciation for the historic architecture she gets to work on in Charleston, from understanding the history to preserving original details.
  • The needs of New York clients vs. Charleston.
  • What are the common issues Betsy finds in Charleston homes?
  • Working with colors and examples where Betsy has ventured out of her comfort zone.
  • Knowing when to stay traditional and when to take risks.
  • Considerations for renovating old homes in a hot and humid climate like Charleston.

Decorating Dilemma:


This is one of my favorite podcast to listen to on my way to work and on the way back home.

I haven’t finished the whole episode yet, but I’m very interested in the “grandmillenial” decorating style.. I am sharing pics of our decor style to see if you think it falls into this category?

  • The coffee table is a original 1966 Vladimir Kagan
  • There’s a statuary collection from 1880’s-1930’s
  • I’ve also been collecting the optical art pieces for a while but would love to add to them!

Is this room considered “grand millennial”? What could I add or take away to get more into that style?



Hi Pedro,

Thanks for writing in!

It’s clear you already have a great appreciation for unique design from different eras, and we love the idea of building on what you already have.

First, Betsy felt the vintage coffee table and statuary collection already aligned well with the style. To enhance it further, we suggested removing or switching out the area rug for a softer backdrop. Adding simple drapery panels without ruffles or trim was also recommended to layer texture and softness.

With a few minor tweaks like updating the rug, larger seating pieces, and adding drapes, you can rock the fun color palette and grand millennial aesthetic while celebrating the treasured pieces that are clearly important to you!

– How to Decorate

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Happy Decorating!

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