Fall Decor Ideas for a Cozy Living Room

This post was updated in August 2021.

What better contrast to cooler weather outside than a warm, welcoming room inside? The easiest way to make your home feel like fall is to take your already beloved furniture and highlight it with some accents that pay homage to the season – think accessories like pillows, blankets, and linens.

Fall Décor? Nothing Basic About It

Fall gets a bit of a bad rap for being basic – maybe it’s all those pumpkin spiced lattes. For fall entertaining, football watching, and chili eating, the family room where everyone gathers should be spot on. This is easily achieved when you treat the room like added layers.

The layers we find most important:

  1. Area Rug – Rugs can anchor a space and absolutely can be changed seasonally. We love warm tones for fall and cooler tones in the spring.
  2. Blankets – Throws add style (and warmth) to a room. Chunky knit, supple chenille, chic cashmere as cozy additions to your family room.
  3. Pillows – Soft pillows add texture and depth to a family room. We especially love fabrics like velvet and prints like plaid in autumn.

Cozy, Fall Decorating ideas for your family room | Ballard Designs

Soft rugs to pad around on, fluffy pillows, and cozy blankets all make you want to get close to the fire.

To break out of the basic box, color is key. While red, yellow, orange, and brown tones are synonymous with fall, we like the idea of picking just one to pair with your neutral pieces. A chunky rich, red blanket paired with subtle neutrals like a caramel leather chair is sure to pop.

Cozy, Fall Decorating ideas for your family room | Ballard Designs

Layer Your Home With Neutral Warmth

On the other side of the fall décor spectrum, we like to opt for neutrals. Chic caramels, rustic camels, and earthy tones of brown beckon you to stay a while. Another color scheme that works as well as a neutral is metallic. Bronze, gold, and silver can all mix well with other colors, which adds great symmetry to a room.

Sprinkle Plaid Décor Into Your Living Room

Plaid might be the most quintessentially fall look out there, and we’re not shy about pairing it with florals, herringbones, or graphic dots. Plaid and floral have an interesting way of balancing each other out and are an unexpected way to visually draw interest.

We’re a sucker for good storage options and fall always reminds us that you can never have too many baskets. Blankets can be rolled or folded, boots and heavier shoes can be corralled, and coats, artfully stacked.

These spaces are so inviting you might need a reminder to go outside and breathe the fresh fall air. Seasonal decorating can be so fun, we think the cozier, the better.

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