Podcast, Ep. 60: editor Lucy Bamman

Lucy Bamman, Market Editor for Hearst Magazines ELLE Decor, Veranda and House Beautiful believes that there is something for everyone in design and decor, and part of the fun is the journey that comes along with finding it. Lucy talks with us about her role as a Market Editor, and how she got into it, what trends she is into now and how she keeps feelers open for what’s good at all times, but also is very specific about what find will work best with what publication.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • What exactly a Market Editor is, and why you can thank them for featuring the best and most unique products, ideas and trends
  • The pressure (and fun) that comes with a job like Lucy’s, and what she appreciates most about sourcing for three very esteemed yet different publications and readerships
  • The differentiators between her three titles at ELLE Decor, Veranda and House Beautiful
  • The amazing locations Lucy gets to visit on behalf of work, including Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles
  • The latest trends Lucy is seeing now, including moving from brass to more natural materials such as wicker and straw, and interesting color patterns and choices
  • How she edits her own home when she constantly has so much input and information flying her way, and how she brings in her love of textiles in her own decorating
  • Why Lucy urges us not to fear color and bold choices. Even if you turn a sofa and put it on another wall, or change the paint or throw pillows, you can completely change the whole mood and make it as sophisticated or funky as you want
  • Her background and education, and how she learned her practicals from Richard Keith Langham
  • Lucy’s experience with Keith teaching her to know her colors, think like a true designer, and not be afraid to mix it all up and have fun
  • How Lucy’s job at One Kings Lane set her up for editing and spritzing in beautiful vintage pieces to demonstrate the beauty of collecting pieces over time
  • Tips for small spaces including the use of lower shelves under coffee tables
  • How to be your own Market Editor when you don’t necessarily have the house to decorate in quite yet
  • How to know when to refurbish, and when to do away with the old for something new

Decorating Dilemmas

Hi ladies,

I have several questions. First, how do I decorate around this light switch? I’d really like to put a mirror in my little entryway but if it were centered, it would need to be less than 22 inches in width to not cover the switch. That’s a hard size to find in a mirror!

Should I opt for art instead? Can I still incorporate a mirror somehow?

We suggest two elegant and slender buffet lamps, and here is one from Ballard that we would recommend! When you push those to the edge you still have room for a mirror. If you are looking for some color, you can customize your lampshade, or add some botanicals or art on the wall next to it. You can also measure your mirror space, shop vintage and go to Scott Antique Market or a frame shop to get it customized according to your needs.

Second, what about layering curtains over plantation shutters? I’m replacing the furniture in my bedroom but am stumped on what to do about this window. The shutters provide plenty of privacy, but how can I make it prettier? Thanks for your feedback. I’m slowly starting to pull together my little Atlanta bungalow. -Bess

We would suggest getting a 2 in white curtain rod with white rings, and hang it a few inches above the window. Don’t cover your shutters, but hang your drapes so it softens the edge.

Show Notes

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Happy Decorating!

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