How to Decorate with Mirrors and Why We Love Them

How to Decorate with Mirrors and Why We Love Them

If you’ve been wondering how to decorate with mirrors, we’re here to help. We love decorating with mirrors because they can make a room look larger, fill a room with light, and help to create a focal point. Above all else, mirrors add an element of style and sophistication to any space. With the endless amount of mirror styles on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which style, shape, and frame works best for your home. Follow along as we share our tips and tricks on how to decorate with mirrors.

Factors to Consider when Decorating with Mirrors

How to decorate with mirrors in a living roomSize

To ensure you have the right size mirror for your wall, you need to know where you’ll be hanging it. Choose a smaller mirror for narrow walls and a larger mirror for big walls. If you’re hanging your mirror over a piece of furniture, the width of the mirror should not be wider than the width of the furniture. A general rule we like to follow is that the mirror should be about 50-75% the width of the furniture.


Just like the size of your mirror, the shape will also depend on where you’re hanging it. Round mirrors look great over more angular furniture and balance out straight lines, while square and rectangular mirrors help bring symmetry to a space.


If you’re wanting to create interest to your space, opt for a mirror with an interesting material or color. To achieve a more traditional look, choose a mirror frame with a more classic material like iron or wood.

How to Decorate with Mirrors on the Wall

Once you’ve found your mirror, next you’ll need to figure out how you want to style it. There are various ways you can decorate with mirrors, from hanging them on their own to creating a gallery wall.

Large mirror as a focal point on a wall

On their Own

You can never go wrong with hanging a mirror on its own. A mirror that stands alone instantly become a focal point as it brightens a room. You can also strategically hang a mirror to highlight a special piece by reflecting it back into the room, such as a colorful painting or a striking pendant light.

Decorating with Multiple Mirrors

Group of three mirrors over a sideboard

Group of 3 Mirrors

We love to group smaller mirrors together to make a statement. In this dining room, we grouped three of our Loft Mirrors together to mimic the look and feel of an extra window.

Two mirrors styled over a adjacaent nightstands

Adjacent Mirrors

One of our favorite ways to style mirrors is by hanging them adjacent from each other. We love to do this in a bedroom over nightstands, but you can also hang them over side tables in a living room or above side chairs in a dining room.

Mirror gallery wall with mixed frames

How to Decorate with a Mirror Gallery

A mirror gallery is the perfect way to fill a big, blank wall. Just like art, you can mix and match different frames and sizes on your wall to create dimension and drama.

Large iron mirror on the wall above a console

Factors to Consider when Hanging Your Mirror

When it comes time to hang your mirror, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Always use the approved hardware included with your purchase.
  • Be sure to follow the specific installation instructions for your mirror.
  • Once you know your designated spot on the wall, the best anchoring method for any wall décor item is directly into a Wall Stud.
  • Use a Stud Finder to locate studs and remember they are 16” on center in your home. Find one and measure 16” out to the next.
  • Keep in mind that plastic Wall Anchors provide the least support and can pull out easily if an item is heavy.
  • Be sure to use appropriate hardware and pay very close attention to weight capacity and other notices included with the hanging hardware.
  • Always use high quality, heavy duty hanging hardware instead of cutting corners. It is too late after an item has fallen or tipped over. Don’t take a chance.

Let them Lean

If you’re not ready to hang your mirror, you can always prop your mirror against the wall for a more casual look. You’ll want to make sure that your mirror safely secured to avoid the chance of it falling over. Protect yourself, others and property from a potentially fatal tip-over/falling accident by using Wall Anchoring Hardware for leaning mirrors. Never lean a mirror without anchoring it to the wall.

Hanging with Art

Take your gallery wall to the next level by mixing in a mirror with wall art. Round mirrors are a great way to break up a gallery wall so there aren’t too many squares or rectangles. Try adding in an intricately shaped mirror to make the whole arrangement more interesting.

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    Hi! Im wondering about using mirrors, perhaps like the multiple identical mirrors mimicking a window, in my dining room. I notice all of the examples show the mirrors over a piece of furniture. I’m considering this for a blank wall where there is not enough space for furniture between the 62 inch round table and chairs tucked in. There is a bar cart in the right corner of the wall. What do you think? Thanks!

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      Great question about your mirror situation!
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