Podcast, Episode 98: kitchen experts Matthew Quinn & Ric Parrish

We’ve gotten lots of emails about having Matthew Quinn and Ric Parrish on the podcast to talk about kitchens! They’re the tour de force behind Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath, the premiere kitchen and design studio in Atlanta. They’ve worked with all of your favorite designers and most likely designed many of the dream kitchens you’ve all ogled. We know we certainly have. We ask all your burning questions and answer your kitchen conundrums.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • We talk about how Matthew got into kitchen and bath design
  • How and why he likes to design spaces with a unique look for each kitchen versus anything formuliac
  • How a client’s closet might inspire his kitchen design
  • Popular finishes, colors, and materials
  • Why he prefers paneled appliances over exposed stainless ones
  • His must-haves for a great kitchen
  • Why it’s important to learn everything he can about how a client cooks, entertains, and what kind of kitchen items they have
  • So much more!

Decorating Dilemmas:

Hello Ladies,

We are in Melbourne (Australia) and close to the beach. We recently renovated and installed a kitchen on a very strict budget in our little beach cottage and overall happy with how it has turned out. I designed the kitchen myself and my husband helped me install it (bless his soul). I guess I owe him a big TV and a comfy recliner, right? ? 

I have two dilemmas.

    1. The kitchen cabinets are matte and the tiles are artisan matte as well. I now think that we should have gone for a bit of gloss and I’m wondering whether we should paint the walls satin (instead of matt, which is the paint finish now). Or should I paint a warmer colour (the rest of the house is grey/blue with some splashes of yellow and green).
    2. The kitchen is connected to a small dining room and I will upgrade the rug etc in due course but my question is about the lamp shade above the dining table. It is in the wrong spot and it doesn’t seem right in this area anymore. What light would you suggest? I have attached a pic of the pendants we have above the breakfast bar. I’m thinking something glass and transparent so you could see the painting but curious what your thoughts are.

I look forward to your response. Have a lovely day full of decorating triumphs! 🙂  


Adding some shine would look great, and this is a textbook example of taking the tile all the way from the countertop to the ceiling. Just add more tile on top of your existing ones. Use the tile anywhere there is countertop. Life changing hack: you can get your spray made for you just like the way they can mix and match paint. Change the pendants to a frosted bulb, and move the light if it’s not a concrete ceiling. We actually like the existing fixture but agree it should be centered over the table!

Hi Ladies,

Love, love, love…the podcast.  Wish it were weekly.  So many great talents out there to hear from. 

I have a guest request and a question.  Would it be possible to get Matthew Quinn or one of his designers from Design Galleria in Atlanta on the show?  They would have so many good insights into the kitchen and bath market these days.  Like what’s in for Cabinets and Countertops?  How to smartly do a kitchen on a budget.  What are some good upgrades that the average person might not think about. 

I am considering a full refresh of my kitchen with new paint on my cabinets, new backsplash, and new countertops.  I love white marble countertops, but I am afraid.  I am open to quartz and Quartzite, but do not know which finishes would look fresh and more modern.  I would like to change lighting, window treatments, and hardware.  I may even paint my kitchen furniture.   I’ve even considered removing a cabinet or two and trying some kind of open shelving.  I’m not sure where to begin.  Before I dive in, I’d love to hear some expert advise. 

Thanks a bunch,


Ginger, look who we got to answer your questions! We would recommend simply taking two wall cabinets off and instead making it open shelving. This would provide a better balance and would give it more symmetry. A neutral color would look great, and once again take the tile all the way to the ceiling. A panel dishwasher and adding wallpaper behind the open shelves would add some color. Paint the railings black, and this would give it a more modern feeling. Looks like it functions well for you!

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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