A Foolproof, Flower Arranging Trick

A foolproof, flower arranging trick for centerpieces

Every holiday needs a fantastic centerpiece, but don’t let your fear of flower arranging keep you from a show stopping table. We’re sharing our favorite trick for creating a centerpiece that will have your guests asking for the name of your florist.

When you’re arranging flowers in a large container, it can be tricky to get started. Until the neck of the container starts to fill out, it’s nearly impossible to keep stems in place while you’re working. Here’s our favorite trick. Get some chicken wire at your hardware store, use wire clippers to cut it into squares, and you can easily mold the squares to fit your container.

Use chicken wire to keep stems in place while arranging flowers
For this gray container, it has a wide neck at about 12 inches. We cut a piece of chicken wire into a 12 x 12″ square, curled the ends under and molded it so it sits in the middle of the vase. This way, stems will stay right where we put them.

It’s an easy inexpensive trick that will make a huge difference when you’re arranging a holiday centerpiece!

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