5 How To Decorate Podcasts to Kick-start Design Inspiration

Home decor elements laying on natural fiber rugYou’ve gone from store to store, looking for the perfect piece of furniture to revive your space. Or maybe you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest for weeks, hoping to see a fresh idea to give your room some new life. From different decor styles to mixing and matching patterns and textures,  sometimes it can feel like you’re never going to figure out what to do for your space or where to even begin. It’s ok to admit you’re in a design rut, because we’ve been there too. 

Lucky for you, we have 100 podcast episodes that cover everything from simple decorating tips all the way to architectural design. In honor of celebrating our 100th podcast, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite episodes that are jam packed with fresh design ideas for any home. Get some inspiration back into your decorating by listening to these 5 episodes.

Baton Rouge interior designer Rachel Cannon

Episode 43: Rachel Cannon 

In this episode Rachel Cannon stopped by the podcast to talk about brown furniture, letting your layout dictate your furniture choices, and waiting for that perfect piece. This is an earlier episode that is packed full with fun and insightful design tips.

Why We Love This Episode:

  • Rachel explains why your room dictates your furniture layout.
  • Learn about bookshelves and how to fill all that space without it looking cluttered.
  • Listen for Rachel’s ‘cantaloupe’ trick for bookshelf styling.
  • She offers great advice on how to incorporate color into your home.

Bunny Williams joins the podcast to talk about her new upholstery collection for Ballard Designs

Episode 64: Bunny Williams

Design superstar and podcast fan favorite Bunny Williams joined us to talk about how to change a room with  a few simple statement pieces, her upholstery collection, and a whole Living Room 101 lesson. As always, Bunny is filled with endless design knowledge and you can’t go wrong with her advice.

Why We Love This Episode:

  • Bunny discusses how to know what brown furniture to keep as is and which to paint.
  • Learn why pieces should move around throughout the house over time, even as your tastes change.
  • Bunny has great advice on furniture and why it needs to fit the scale and proportions of the room it’s going in.
  • Listen for lighting options including standing lamps, and lighting fixtures on an end table.

Interior designer Susan Ferrier talks texture, neutrals, and how she turned an 80's lakehouse into a star


Episode 84: Susan Ferrier

There are so many tidbits in this episode with designer, Susan Ferrier. Susan gives us a lesson in why you need to be mixing metals in your space in, why an 80’s house has been her biggest challenge yet, and how to create drama with a neutral palette. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Why We Love This Episode:

  • Learn the method behind her creative and explorative use of texture.
  • Susan’s rule of thumb for having a way to read and drink wherever you sit in a room.
  • Listen carefully when she talks about which design rules we should be following, and which ones are meant to be broken.
  • Her fun analogy of decorating our homes compared to dressing appropriately for our body type.

Charlotte, North Carolina designer Amy Vermillion joins the podcast to talk about custom cabinetry, functional spaces, and what constitutes 'timeless'

Episode 86: Amy Vermillion

Amy Vermillion joined the show to talk about her style that has been described as “comfortably elegant.” On this episode Amy discusses paint colors, how good design can make your life easier, and her love of chandeliers. 

Why We Love This Episode:

  • Learn the rule Amy uses when picking pieces that will be permanent and timeless. 
  • Find out unique ways to disguise your TV.
  • Amy’s takeaways on paint and why it’s so tricky to give someone a paint recommendation.
  • Figure out what to do with all of those family photos you have collected over the years.

New York interior designer Ashley Whittaker sitting on a settee

Episode 93: Ashley Whittaker

Sitting down with Ashley Whittaker was such a joy, and we’re confident you’ll learn a TON from this episode. This is one of our favorite episodes to date because we talk about creating color palettes, why every room needs something grimy, and why a jewel tone works in almost any space.  Grab you pen and paper for this one, you’ll want to jot these down!

Why We Love This Episode:

  • Ashley has great takeaways about finishes and why they’re important to create contrast. 
  • Learn how to use storyboards for design inspiration. 
  • Listen carefully when she talks about creating color palettes for the whole house.
  • Ashley helps us understand why we shouldn’t be afraid of using wallpaper. 

Make sure to listen to our 100th episode, where we discuss everything we’ve learned and all the best design tips our guest have shared with us. It’s all of the best – rolled into one!

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Abbey Nolte

Abbey is a homegrown Georgia peach who loves a fresh take on Southern design. When she’s not working behind the scenes of the How to Decorate blog and podcast, you can find her cheering on the Appalachian State Mountaineers and spending time with her wheaten terrier, Charlie.