Podcast, Ep. 101: designer Whitney McGregor

Greenville, South Carolina interior decorator Whitney McGregor

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Whitney McGregor, interior Designer based in South Carolina, joins the show today. Whitney’s home was recently featured in Southern Living, and talks about her traditional yet playful and welcoming style. She explains what she means when she tells her clients to “listen to the house”, her inspiration of combining clean with beautiful and traditional, and the importance of being transparent about your budget when working with a designer. Whitney talks about what led her to fall in love with her current home, and her favorite tips when picking art, and the difference between splurging and investing.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Triumphs on grass cloth wallpaper, dorm shopping, and a great anniversary copper wine cooler and pillow. 
  • Trials about a dilemma on dead grass and hydrangea placement, and the same anniversary shaggy pink pillow.
  • When you go bold, go with a color you know you like.
  • The special art of picking out gifts for people, and if you should go on or off the list.
  • How Whitney incorporates fun and fresh beauty steeped in the traditional.
  • Whitney is a self taught decorator, and has been designing for fun since she was only 4 years old.
  • The mistakes Whitney gave herself permission to make when decorating her own home, and the lessons she learned from them.
  • More about her new home, and how the flow and light caught the attention of Whitney and her husband.
  • Why Whitney is a proponent of living in a house before making any major changes to it.
  • Whitney doesn’t care if art matches, it’s all about how it makes herself and her clients feel and the emotion it stirs in them.
  • The difference between splurging and investing, and why it’s important to be transparent about your budget.

Decorating Dilemma


I want to add some color to my dining room space. What color curtains would you suggest over the piano. This is an old farmhouse. I also don’t know what color rug under the table (the one in the pics is not longer there) and what kind of chairs to order for this white table I’m painting. Any ideas would be welcomed!! Maybe I’m trying to force this white table to work so I’m open to other tables if you think that would work better. The light fixture is from Ballards.

Thank you,


Decorating dilemma dining room with white farm table

Dining room with piano in farmhouse

First, we are wondering if there was a way for you to move to the piano, maybe to the wall with the stairs on it. Next, when adding color to the dining space, Whitney recommends subtle additions of color, maybe changing the wall color a true white with a light blue on the tiled ceiling. The white wall will help tie in the table as well. For curtains, Whitney thinks a lavender linen would be pretty, and maybe do a hide rug under the table or ditching the rug altogether. Adding some upholstered head chairs and chairs with curves would add a nice compliment as well. Good luck!

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