Feature Friday: Jana Bek’s Last Minute Move

We have been such big fans of Jana Bek for a while now, and we absolutely love how she incorporates Ballard products into her airy interiors. Last year we worked together on a Fall-inspired balcony right here in Atlanta, but she recently moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in what was quite an abrupt transition. As you can imagine, moving all of your belongings and big pieces is never an easy task.

Jana shared her thoughts on moving and how to make transitioning your furniture into a new home as seamless as possible.

Ballard Designs: Jana, what was the hardest part about moving so abruptly?

Jana Bek: The hardest part was that we had really just gotten settled, so it was somewhat disheartening that we had to transition so quickly! That said, I knew everything in our apartment would transition well into our Ann Arbor home, so I was able to get excited about that.

BD: Did you have to pick and choose what you could take? How did you make those decisions?

JB: Moving is a great opportunity to review your home and think about the aesthetic you would like to achieve in your new abode. If there are pieces in your current place that you are forcing to make work, this is a perfect time to sell them or gift to a family member who would appreciate them.

Take what you love (or need) and start fresh!

BD: Do you have any tips for moving furniture safely and on a budget? How did you pack delicate pieces, such as our Blue & White Chinoiserie Collection?

JB: My biggest tip for moving is getting very organized and packing as much as you can before the move. Purchase moving boxes and bubble wrap from your local hardware store well before your move, and label boxes accordingly. If you prepare in this way, the actual loading of everything into the truck is extremely efficient. We had done this, using movers only to load up the truck, and we were moved out in an hour. It’s affordable because it’s efficient. It also makes moving in less stressful!

BD: Which big ticket items did you invest in and why?

JB: I am a firm believer in choosing quality over quantity when designing any space. That said, when you have to budget strategically, I recommend investing in items that you should enjoy for years to come, like a sofa. To further stretch your budget, opt for such foundation items in neutral hues so they can transition with you as your tastes change. We’ve had our Eton Sofa for three years and by changing up artwork and throw pillows, it takes on a whole different look when I want to switch up the space.

JB: I also choose to invest in lighting; it’s decorative but it actually serves a function. A beautiful lamp can transition with you to any new place and in your long-term home. The right pendant (like the Ballard Designs Eldridge Pendant) or chandelier can totally transform a room.

JB: Other items I invest in are quality pieces that I know I will love forever. I am very much into giving our places a coastal vibe and I know I would always enjoy the bamboo style of our Dayna Chairs, and again, since they are in a neutral warm white, they’ll pair well in any kitchen!

Shop the Ballard pieces in Jana’s home: Eton Sofa | Blue & White Collection | Dayna Dining Chairs | Dayna Bar Stools | Eldridge Pendant | Found European Dough Bowls

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