Decorating Dilemma: Len’s Apartment

We're giving Len suggestions for her apartment, including art, pillows, and lighting

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I have a few dilemmas with my apartment; here are my main issues by room. I am open to all suggestions and styles.

Bedroom: nightstands, lamps, curtains, console for TV (needs to be narrow in depth as room is small), rug and art work.
Living Room: accessories, sofa pillows, coffee table, the cream side board and two pics will be removed and would like to fill the wall with floor mirror or any other suggestion.
Kitchen: large wall – needs art work, a few small kitchen accessories

Excited to see what the designers think.

Thank you,

Hi Len,

What a great space! You already have the foundations for great, styled rooms. One thing that’s important to remember when tackling multiple rooms at once is a cohesive theme and fluidity to create an overall comfortable space.

Let’s start with your bedroom. To compliment your existing bed frame, we love our Isabella Nightstand since it has cool colors and a beautiful traditional finish. Our Double Gourd Lamp gives them a more contemporary feel and brings in a beautiful soft and creamy ivory tone. This softness is carried throughout the space, with the room being grounded in a gray and light purple blue Velaine Hand Knotted Rug. A light Rubbed White Martin 2-Door Console will be perfect for your TV because it’s only 10” deep, giving you plenty of room to move around. To add some depth and interest to this space, we love our Cleo Glacier Custom Euro Pillows for your bed, layered with our Velvet Oasis Pillows and Suzanne Kasler Embroidered Pillow. They add the perfect pop of color- that’s not too overwhelming but add to the overall relaxing feel. The Cleo Glacier pattern is fun and playful and really helps jazz up the space. We carry this pattern to our custom drapes to help really frame out the space and add a softness to the room. This space is finished with a statement art piece that can sit above your headboard, our Twilight on the Seine Abstract Art, adds a beautiful pop of blue to the space that really pulls the room together.

For your living room, we really want to enhance the beautiful furniture you already have. We suggest focusing on framing out the windows, adding a few new pillows to contrast against your dark gray sofa, and a couple of fun ottomans to act as new coffee tables. We love the softness our Surrey Pleated Panels add to a space. These will contrast beautifully against your dark sofa- and help tie in your patterned chairs. Our Davis Tufted Ottomans in Stockton Cream add a fun contemporary vibe to the space and allow each person in your sectional seating to have a spot to put something down. Their lightness makes them easy to move and to have fun with! We finish this space by tying the relaxing blue hues in with our Custom Pillows in Queens Velvet Spa, Audrey Gray and Halyard Mineral.

To finish up your beautiful dining space, we’ve selected a statement art piece, our On the Lake Louise Art, brings in the soft gray and blue tones that are running throughout your home. It’s also great since it comes in a few sizes- allowing you to decide how large to make the piece. You can frame it off with our Elsie Candle Sconces to help elongate the piece. We love our Carter Fan with your existing dining table, as it echoes the zinc finish and adds a pop of white to the space. This space is finished off with a durable polypropylene Seaton Indoor/Outdoor Rug to bring an extra texture to the space and to ground the room.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team

We're giving Len suggestions for her apartment, including art, pillows, and lighting

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