Decorating Dilemma: Leslie’s Entry

Decorating an empty entry hall

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Dear How to Decorate,

I have zero decorating ability! I can never decide if something looks right or not. I decided on this black bench for my entry, and I love this runner but is it the right size? Is it too narrow? A friend suggested I get a bigger bench. What do you think? Also, I’d like to add a couple pillows to the bench but dont know what color or pattern would go well with the rug?

I’d like to put some kind of mirror decor above the bench but again, what size, what pattern? One piece, two or three?! I also need a rug at the front door but again, I have no idea what color or pattern to get 🙁



Entry way needs help

Entry way needs help

Entry way needs help

Dear Leslie,

We would be happy to help you put an entry way look together. You’re off to a great start with a colorful runner. We love the bold navy and green colors. We do think it’s a little on the narrow side for your space, so what about moving it to the adjoining hallway, or even in front of the door. We will use the colors for inspiration in the rest of our design choices.

To begin, we think our Seagrass Rug bordered in blue will compliment your existing rug but also keep things very neutral. We always think pillows are a good idea so let’s layer that bench with some of our favorites. Our Landon Flange Pillow will give you several shades of green to enjoy. A custom throw pillow in Elle Indigo is also a nice compliment to your color scheme.

Now that your bench is happy with pillows, let’s move on to an entry table that will function well for you without taking up a lot of space. Our Penelope Console is on the shallow side, but still has tons of storage with drawers and a lower shelf. Place it on the wall directly opposite the front door. It can be a landing place for keys and mail as you walk in the door. Our Cassidy Mirror will look fantastic over the Penelope Console since it’s round shape will balance the squareness of the console. The blue color will also work with your color scheme.

We would like to place some artwork over the bench. Suzanne Kasler has done some new pieces for us that will make your entryway more than just a room that functions well. Reflecting Abstract Prints I and II will make your entryway as beautiful as an art gallery.

Since we don’t see a hall closet for storing coats and umbrellas, we suggest Suzanne Kasler’s Metal Hooks and our Vine Umbrella Stand can fit under the hooks to the right of the front door.

Imagine walking in your front door and be greeted by a room that is fabulously beautiful and wonderfully functional. Welcome Home!

Decorating an empty entry hall

Happy Decorating,
The Design Team

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