5 Ways to Reuse a Ballard Favorite During the Holidays

Reuse your favorite Ballard products in a new way

When we were styling our photo shoots for the catalog, it occurred to us that we were using several Ballard favorites in new ways just for the holidays. It served as a great reminder that you don’t always have to run out and buy new things to serve a unique purpose for just one month out of the year. Take a look around the house and see what you already have — and put it to good use during the holidays.

1. Transform your drying rack into a wrapping station.

It’s always such a hassle to drag out all of your wrapping supplies from storage every time you have a gift to wrap. We found a simple solution: organize your wrapping paper on your drying racks to save space while creating a pretty and easily accessible wrapping station. Don’t worry — you can go back to doing the laundry after the holidays.

Reuse your favorite Ballard products in a new way

2. Bring your outdoor lights indoors.

If you’re replacing your cafe lights with Christmas lights, move them indoors. We strung them across this imaginative kid’s room for extra holiday spirit, but you could hang them in the more public, shared spaces in your home, especially if you plan on entertaining this month.

Reuse your favorite Ballard products in a new way

3. Turn your summer tote into a gift delivery bag.

Every summer we ditch the heavy leather bag in favor of a colorful, lightweight tote that’s big enough to hold our beach reads, then retire it once again at the arrival of fall. Well, it’s time to dig it out from the deep, dark recesses of your closet, and use it to tote your gifts during the holidays.  

Reuse your favorite Ballard products in a new way

4. Trade out the ice cream for greenery.

Everyone lights up when they see Bunny’s Silver Wire Cachepot coming their way, because it usually means it’s time for dessert. But not only is it designed to hold a pint of ice cream, it’s also the perfect size to hold a rosemary tree or a cedar topiary during the holiday.

Reuse your favorite Ballard products in a new way

5. Layer in holiday color with stacked apothecary jars.

Because they’re so darn useful, we can’t stop collecting clear glass apothecary jars. They’re perfect for holding everything from soaps in the guest room to binder clips in the office. But our favorite way to use them during Christmas is to fill them with red and green, whether it’s candy, cookies or ribbons, for instant holiday cheer in any room.

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