Podcast, Ep. 257 Trials & Triumphs

Ballard Designs Connelly Bench in Liz Anderson's home

Liz’s cat is a big fan of her Connelly Bench

This week we’re catching up with our trials and triumphs of the month. Thanks to an email from our listener Judith, we decided to talk about some of the Ballard Designs products we love! We talk about many products and how we style and customize them; from bedding to sofas to lighting and more. Plus, Taryn gives us an update on The Schwartz House…which is almost finished!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How Caroline and Taryn customized their Brie Channel Bed and why Liz wants one!
  • Why we love our different bedding options and how we care for them.
  • Caroline loves our towels; especially the Suzanne Kasler Trimmed Towels, but Taryn is still on a mission for the perfect ones.
  • What Taryn likes about her new Suzanne Kasler Mathes sofa and her standby Sofia sofa.
  • Liz is asking the big question; sectional or no sectional?
  • Why the Hartwell Sofa may fit better under a window.
  • The Connelly Bench is great for additional seating and an easy piece to customize the fabric.
  • Caroline sold Taryn on Nala Stool. It’s a great nestler for extra seating!
  • The Schwartz House is going to be chock-full of Ballard products like lighting, mirrors, and wallpaper.
  • What is the update on the rest of The Schwartz House?
  • Taryn’s fireplace and sconce trials and what she’s learned from building a custom home.
  • Some of the tips and tricks Taryn got from you…our listeners!

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Happy Decorating!

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Abbey Nolte

Abbey is a homegrown Georgia peach who loves a fresh take on Southern design. When she’s not working behind the scenes of the How to Decorate blog and podcast, you can find her cheering on the Appalachian State Mountaineers and spending time with her wheaten terrier, Charlie.