Our Best Family Room Ideas for a Comfortable, Cozy Home

A super comfortable, U-shaped sectional anchors this cozy family room

Every family room needs a comfy, cozy sectional for movie nights, game day, and afternoon naps.

We all want a comfortable, cozy spaces for our family to relax and spend time together. Our latest collection, Light & Livable, is focused on just those family room ideas — comfort above all else, cozy textures, nature-inspired colors, and incorporating all of the things you love. Learn more about why we designed this collection, how to bring this edited style into your own home, and putting finishing touches on the design.

Light & Livable: Comfortable Family Room Ideas

When designing this new collection, we were really focused on adding ultimate comfort to the home and giving a neutral palette subtle color and texture. It’s not always about how you decorate, but focusing on how you live. Your home should be brimming with warmth, comfort, and calm.

When picking pieces for your family room and throughout your home, focus on comfort and sleek lines. Then add sun-washed colors like terra cotta, greens, and sepia tones.

Styled coffee table, terra cotta cubes, and a super comfortable couch in a family roomGet Started Decorating with these Family Room Ideas:

  1. A Functional Layout is Key — Decide on a layout for each room before shopping. Our Room Planner tool is a great resource, or read this blogpost about our best tips for Laying out Your Living Room.
  2. Jumpstart Your Design — Any designer will tell you that a good starting point can make the decorating process much easier. We like to start with a fabric, rug, or art piece. Find 10 Ways to Start Decorating a Room from Scratch here.
  3. Add Finishing Touches — Top of your coffee table, console, or bookcase with the finishing touches. We outlined all of our best styling tips in this guide to make the final accessorizing steps easy.

Don’t Rush the Design Process

Our Senior Vice President Skye Westcott explains in the above video that the most important thing to practice when designing your space is patience. Your family room (or any room) doesn’t need to be completed over night. Give yourself time to collect treasured pieces like artwork and accessories. Edit your space down to what you really love to create the most successful room.

Adding Color and Texture to a Neutral Room

A neutral backdrop is a great place to start if you’re feeling lost in all of the family room ideas out there. Once you have that great base, begin bringing in nature-inspired colors like earthy terra cotta, sage green, or washed indigo blue. We love to use these colors with a neutral backdrop because they create a layered, tonal effect. The colors are a little washed out, so they aren’t too vibrant. These shades are easy to live with for a long time.

  1. Mix lots of shapes  — when designing your space, mix furniture shapes. Some pieces should have rounded angles, while others should have more squared angles. That variety will bring movement into your room and keep your family room feeling interesting and inviting.
  2. Add Rich Texture — Textures are so important to how your room will feel. Nubby linens, cozy weaves, leather, and even sheepskin all have different feels and when used together will give your neutral space more warmth.
  3. Subtle, Tonal Colors — Colors without a lot of contrast will help give your room a more serene feel, without it falling flat. In the rooms above, we choose sepia browns, tans, and terra cotta. They all have similar tones, and when used together feel cozy and comfy.

Light and Livable throw pillows from Ballard Designs
Furnishing and decorating your home shouldn’t be intimidating, it should be fun. Everything should be there because you love it – your home tells the story of your life. Be patient, focus on comfort, and edit down your personal collections down to the things you truly love.

Learn more about our new Light & Livable collection on our website, and shop for your own perfect family room space.

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