Podcast, Ep. 211: textile designer Candice Kaye

Designer Candice Kaye

Designer Candice Kaye

Our guest today is textile designer Candice Kaye of Candice Kaye Design. Candice first got her start in interior design then fell in love with textiles and continued her education at FIT in New York. With her background in design and textiles, Candice has found a unique niche for her work in the hospitality and branding space that is recognized all over the world. We dive into how Candice landed in this space, the technical aspects of it, and her personal design tips.

What You’ll Hear on This Show:

  • Trials & Triumphs about indoor plant success, plumbing fixtures, renovations, painting the floors while the family’s away, building walls, attacking a brick wall, decorating a baby nursery, and wallpaper chat.
  • Candice describes what her unique niche in the design world is.
  • What is the branding process like with Candice’s clients?
  • How Candice begun the wallpaper design process that she uses today.
  • Candice’s best tips on mixing patterns and textures.
  • The point in the design process when a client brings in Candice
  • How can we consider using scale in our own homes?
  • Does Candice do more murals or wallpaper?
  • What is digital printing?

Decorating Dilemma

Hi ladies (and honored guest),

Love the podcast! (Having grown up in the Atlanta area, I could listen to you all talk all day.) It is so educational and entertaining as I slowly decorate our first home, an 1891 Victorian in Lexington, KY. I have so many questions, but today I will focus on the dining room.

The room gets little natural light and has fabulous dark green with pink paisley wallpaper from previous owners which we love and are keeping (I’ll include a close up pic). I know we need a rug, and I would love suggestions on that; I’m thinking something traditional, but don’t have much beyond that. I am also waiting to find the right thing for the one large wall.

My main question is about the color of the ceiling and the woodwork. After listening to many of your guests talk about using color on ceilings, I am inspired to try something here, but I’m not quite sure what direction to go. And what about the woodwork?? Bigger picture, the house has great woodwork, and I don’t know if it should stay a uniform color throughout the house for continuity or change by room to better match in each specific room. Currently, it is (almost) the same color throughout, which looks ok in most rooms, but not always fabulous. Almost none of the rooms are painted/wallpapered the same.

As you can see in the picture, the dining room opens to the living room through French doors (the floral rug and floral border there also came with the house, and we plan to replace & remove at some point), and there are 2 other rooms that connect to the dining room, so it definitely does not feel like a room in isolation. I’d also appreciate any thoughts on window treatments (currently just sheer panels) and lighting, and any thoughts on anything else you see here.

Thank you so much for the podcast and any thoughts you have about my space! I am excited to get this room a bit more ‘finished’ and would love your expert opinions!



Hi Elizabeth,

We LOVE the wallpaper in your space. I personally wouldn’t paint the crown molding as the white brightens up the space. One thing you could do is change the dining room table if you’re open to it!  I would go for something bigger in a light wood with some light chairs in a light fabric. Whatever color you choose for the table, that could also match the drapery color. For the rug I would choose a nice cream tone on tone; it would look beautiful and lighten up the floors to match the ceiling. I think this will all contrast well with the darker wallpaper; especially since you have natural light from the window. You don’t have to do the cream, though, you could pull any color from the wallpaper. Finding a way to modernize the space with some furniture or a lighting fixture would be a great way to balance out the traditional elements and not have it all feel so uniform.  You could definitely hang a mirror or some clean, modern art/photography over the large wallpapered wall.  We also recommend softening the space with more upholstered pieces.

Lastly, if you really want to paint the trim then go for it! And don’t feel like it has to be uniform throughout the house.

This is a gorgeous home and we can’t wait to see the after photos. Good luck, Elizabeth!

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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