5 Wedding Registry Tips from the Ballard Team

Registering for wedding gifts can be overwhelming to say the least. In one fell swoop, you’re supposed to pick out everything you’ll need in your future life? Oh, the pressure! To help you navigate the virtual aisle, we polled the Ballard Designs team and gathered together all of our collective wisdom, just for you! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking for to update your current registry, here our best wedding registry tips. 

1. Do Your Research

“Do your research before you go into the store to register. Online reviews can be hugely helpful, especially when picking big ticket items you won’t replace anytime soon. You don’t want to find out, for example, that your new dinnerware pattern is prone to chipping when it’s already too late!”

Caroline, Marketing

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Over Register

“Over register. No guests likes to have to buy 1 spoon, 1 wine glass, and a coaster to put together a gift. You can always return the items and make better use of the money.”

“Register for 2-5 sets of sheets (for your bed that you frequently launder  to make life easier.” 

“Set aside a few replacement sets for your kitchen flatware and china/dishware.”

Amy, Merchant 

3. Return Policies Matter

“Be careful to register at a place with a fantastic return policy. Brides need this to be easy!”

Taryn, Product Design 

4. Make it Easily Accessible 

“Create the wedding registry early and make sure everyone has access to it.”

Jessica, Human Resources

5. Think About the Future

“When you’re registering, don’t think about your lifestyle as it is today. Think about what it will be in 5 or 10 years, and what you will need then. The items are often pricey and you won’t have the appetite later to pay for them yourself.”

Karen, Branding 

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