Our 8 Favorite Picks for Your Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry picks

This month, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved Gift Registry! We’re excited to be able to offer a new, easier way to register for products you love on Ballarddesigns.com, and in celebration of our new Gift & Wedding Registry, we’ll be talking weddings all week!

Today, we’re rounding up 8 of our must-have items for brides!

1. A Plush Set of Towels — towels may not seem like the most exciting item to unwrap in the weeks leading up to your wedding, but accept this as one of the only chances in your life to receive a complete set of towels. If you’re the monogram type, you can always have them monogrammed with your new initial.

2. A Handful of Versatile Serving Dishes — three or four classic serving pieces is all you need. Get a few large serving bowls and 1-3 serving platters and your all set. You never know when you’ll need to take a dish over to a potluck or host Thanksgiving dinner. Just be sure to pick a color and pattern that is classic enough to last you for years to come!

3. A Killer Bedding Collection — whether you’re a fan of an all-white bed or something with a little personality (like Suzanne Kasler’s Greek Key Bedding), register for a complete set of bed linens, from top to bottom.

4. Serving Spoons and Forks — Even if you’re not a huge entertainer, we promise you’ll get more use out of these than you expect. We’re partial to our Fairhope Serving Set because while it looks like your grandmothers sterling silver, you can throw it in the dishwasher without worry!

5. A Set of Placemats and Napkins — Pick a pattern that you absolutely love or go for a classic white  linen, but a set of placemats and napkins should be on your wishlist. We recommend a set of 8!

6. Glassware — A classic set of glassware is a no-brainer. A set of six will do, but a set of 8 is even better!

7. Dinnerware — Again, take this moment as one of the few chances that someone (or several someones) might gift you a full set of dinnerware. Pick a classic white or a more modern, but still neutral gray.

8. Woven Placemats — We can’t help but love our Piper Woven Placemats! They’re durable enough to use every day, but they can also be dressed up for more special occasions. You can also take them outside if you’re dining al fresco. All in all, these are a never go out of style must-have!

Stay tuned all week for registry tips, a bridal suite makeover, and even wedding etiquette!

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