Podcast, Ep. 146: Dining Room Basics

Dining room with green chairs and oak table from Ballard Designs

This week, we take a deep dive into the dining rooms, kitchens, and breakfast areas with our in-house expert Sarah Stephen. Sarah guides us through ways that we can use our existing dining room and kitchen furniture to maximize space, support the flow of a room, and create a consistent yet not too matchy look. We talk with Sarah about how to choose a dining room table, what trends she is seeing in the world of kitchen and dining decor, why banquettes and benches are so hot right now, and if you really need to sit next to your loved one at a party.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

  • What to look for a dining room table including size, shape, function, clean up ability, and seating size.
  • Beautiful fabrics that are also easy to care for – they are out there! Sara explains which fabrics are great for families that have to deal with spills and messes way too often.
  • How to know which chairs go with which tables, and it’s okay to mix and match! We can also have host and hostess chairs that stand out to break up the pattern and make it feel like less of a set.
  • Place cards and seating orders can be fun if you are having a get together where the guests are feeling friendly and like leaving their dates for a few hours!
  • Good rules to go by when picking out legs and finishes for your dining room table.
  • Tips for picking out benches and banquettes for a narrow room, and how to pick dining benches that provide a great space but not too much like a conference room.
  • How to get the perfect bar stool height, surface, and swivel.
  • How Merchants at Ballard infuse their own personality and taste with the Ballard product line.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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Caroline McDonald

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