Podcast, Ep. 37: Designer Jonathan Savage

Nashville interior designer Jonathan Savage's guest room in the 2016 Southern Style Now Showhouse in New Orleans

Ever since we worked with interior designer Jonathan Savage on the 2016 Southern Style Now Showhouse, we’ve been itching to share his work with you. When he was in town for Discover ADAC, he sat down with us to share everything he’s been up to, tips for renovating, and so much more.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Jonathan gives us a rundown of his first overseas designer
  • We talk about Jonathan and Suzanne Kasler’s recent shopping trip in London
  • We talk about how style differs from coast to coast and even generation to generation
  • Jonathan shares the inspiration by his stairwell in the Kips Bay Showhouse
  • Jonathan shares why showhouses are such great opportunity for designers
  • Jonathan plans to use pieces from Miles Redd’s collection for an upcoming showhouse
  • We talk about updating family heirlooms
  • We talk about choosing appliances when you’re doing a home renovation
  • Jonathan suggests talking to friends and family members before choosing appliances
  • Why it’s important to test drive appliances and fixtures before using them in your renovation
  • Jonathan walks us through his Nashville home renovation
  • We talk about how we were inspired by Jonathan’s room in the Southern Style Now Showhouse in New Orleans
  • We talk about wallpaper and why some rooms need it

Decorating Dilemmas:

Hi ladies,

I like using strong, bold colors in my rooms. But I’m afraid of investing a lot in a re-design only to get tired of it quickly. What is the best way to base your room design on a strong color in a way that is easy to change if you get sick of it?



Definitely start with paint. Change your wall color. Try something bold, and don’t worry whether you’ll have to rethink it later. Paint can be changed in a weekend and it so affordable. It’s a great way to try out a new hue that you’re afraid of.


Hey Caroline, Karen, and Taryn,

I have a mirrored wall in a new house we are moving into. It takes up one whole wall in the dining room (approximately 10×10), I’ve gotten quotes and it’s going to be too expensive to take down right now. Any tips for how to either cover up the mirror or minimize it/make it not stand out so much? Let me know if you need me to expand on details or whatnot!

Thanks, Holly

We get why maybe you’re not digging it right now, but we definitely don’t think you should go through the hassle of removing it. Dress the mirrored wall like any other wall — add a buffet, some lamps, large artwork. It’ll become just another layer, and it actually reflects the light from your windows so it does help add natural light to your room.

Another thing to consider. Try focusing on what it’s reflecting. Maybe add some drapery panels to the large french doors, a large piece of art on the wall facing the mirror, and other accents. Once you’ve got those pieces in place, we think you’ll end up liking the mirror! Best of luck!

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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