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His work has been featured in Vogue, W, House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Veranda. His name has become a permanent fixture on Architectural Digest's "AD 100" list of top designers. Now Miles Redd brings his incomparable style exclusively to Ballard Designs.

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blue living room

I have two floating in front of my fireplace and in large groupings, these pull right in.

blue living room

Elevate your room to an English country house. Great in a front hall, dining room, or try it in a bedroom.

English country house style
English country house style
Floral bedroom wallpaper

Take a look at this handsome rocker, new Moms. This uber comfortable chair will put you and your baby to sleep. Sweet Dreams.

handsome and comfortable rocker

To me, white goes with everything, particularly outdoors. It's the palette of nature. You've got blue skies, white clouds, and green trees, so I try to keep my outdoor palette within that venue because it just seems to integrate and work seamlessly.

Photo Example of Texture
Photo Example of Texture
versatility in outdoor spaces

I think everyone has lots of different needs for their outdoor spaces. Some days, you may only need a small round table for your immediate family, and the next day you're having friends over for a barbeque. I wanted to give people versatility.

versatility in outdoor spaces

Graphic elements always speak to me because you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Photo Example of Graphic Elements
Photo Example of Graphic Elements
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