10 Ways to Place Your Bed in Front of a Window

Sunburst mirror over bed and window in bedroom
When moving into a new space, there’s always a learning curve when it comes to laying out your furniture. In bedrooms, there are limited ways to place something as big as a mastress, and in many situations, placing your bed in front of a window just works best. We’re here to tell you that’s ok. In fact, it makes for a strong focal point, especially when paired with dramatic drapery panels, wall decor, and striking shapes.

1. Start with Art

Placing your bed in front of a big bank of windows? Use a combination of sheer drapery panels and overscale wall decor to not only create a focal point, but to allow light into your space. Suzanne Kasler’s Signature 13oz. Linen Drapery panels are fully lined so you’ll get the privacy you need in a bedroom, but because they’re white, they’ll let in plenty of filtered sunlight.

To create some serious drama, use an oversized mirror directly over the headboard. The size and shape draw you straight into the room for a ‘wow’ moment.

2. Let the Light In

If your bedroom doesn’t get a ton of natural light, use a bed frame that’s open (like our Lorraine Bed) rather than an upholstered one, and keep pillow stacks low. In both of these rooms, we also used sheer drapery panels so the light can stream in.

Bed in front of window3. Board it Up

If you have the opposite problem and don’t need privacy and get plenty of light, choose a bed that has a tall headboard and a wooden frame. The height and structure will make enough of a statement that your bed will look intentional against a bank of windows.

4. Beat the Curve

A curvy headboard can work wonders when you’re placing a bed in front of a single window instead of a bank. In the spaces above, we visually widened the windows with extra drapery panels, then used a headboard with a curvy silhouette to make a statement and draw attention away from the window.

Suzanne Kasler Bedding

5. Canopy Dreams

The biggest concern most people have about placing a bed in front of the window is whether it’ll be awkward. Here’s a surefire way to make sure there’s no awkwardness — create serious drama. A dramatic focal point, like a canopy bed, equals intention. Making the placement seem intentional will eliminate any awkwardness.

Here, Suzanne Kasler placed a canopy bed with sheer panels in front of arched windows and a dark wall color. It’s a bold look, and it’s hard to deny that this space is what dreams are made of.

Twin Beds Layout6. Mix Sheers and Panels

You may not need privacy on every window, and in those cases, consider mixing sheers and opaque panels strategically. Behind each headboard we used a single panel in a neutral linen to draw more attention to the headboard. In between those darker panels, we used sheers to create a soft, dream-like canopy. Leaving that negative space in between the beds means that the beds demand more of your attention.

Mix and roman shade with sheer drapery behind the bed

7. Add a Roman Shade

If you’re considering placing your bed in front of a window, your main goal is to make it look intentional and interesting. In this space, we did that by using both woven, roman shades and sheer drapery panels on the window. With the window properly dressed, we added a tall woven headboard which blocks enough of the window for privacy. The dark, textured material draws your attention, and of course we’ve leaned art against the window on the bedside table to bring in more personality.

8. Go Monotone

If you want a softer, airier look, coordinate your headboard fabric and your window panels. In all one color (white works well), they’ll almost blend together creating the look of a canopy bed. Add in some playful bedding combinations, art, and a few pops of color here and there, and your space is ready to go.

9. Make It Cozy

Small spaces are often the coziest because they feel cocoon-like. In this space, we placed the bed perpendicular against a bank of windows, then added tons of sheer drapery panels for softness and to envelop the entire space.

Finishing Touches

10. Add Finishing Touches

Once you’ve dressed your windows and picked out just the right headboard, bring in all of the details. Like we said, make the bed placement look intentional, and adding in all the finishing details will do just that. Hang a pretty chandelier, flank the bed with nightstands and matching lamps, and anchor something at the foot of the bed.

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Caroline McDonald

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    July 15, 2020

    Awesome article, Caroline! The room designs are incredibly well done–ten times better than what I’ve seen so far in my search for a solution to this design problem. More importantly, the tips are practical, so I feel confident I can make it work. Thank you!!

  2. Reply

    Happy Sappy

    October 19, 2018

    Amazing and brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’d love to try these out. Adding Roman shade and of course making it cozy.

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    Kathy Holland

    April 17, 2018

    We are purchasing a new (new to us) home. The bedroom’s have windows on 2 walls and the rooms are small. Your suggestion of making the bed, under the window, a focal point is a great way to make the room look and feel larger. Thank you for your amazing vision. Best regards, Kathy

    • Reply

      Caroline McDonald

      April 17, 2018

      I’m so happy to hear that you found this post inspirational! I think we’ve all had that thought when buying a new home of how to make what we already have work. Hopefully you’ll be able to make the bedrooms relaxing, peaceful places you enjoy spending time in.
      Thanks for your comment,

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    September 15, 2017

    We’ve recently rebuilt an addition on our ground level that necessitated changing out one of two double hung windows to an awning window in the bedroom above. This could be a perfect solution for not only downplaying the half-height window, but increasing the feeling of more light in the room. The bed is currently on the wall opposite this shortened window. If we moved it out of its existing location, it would free up wall space to relocate the dresser/mirrow in its place, and that would help bounce more light around the room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Reply

      Caroline McDonald

      September 15, 2017

      Awesome! So glad you found this helpful!!