Decorating Dilemmas: Bethany’s Living Room

Decorating Bethany's TV wall with storage and personality and adding finishing touches to a living room

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Hi How to Decorate,

We have a family room directly connected to kitchen and counter island eating area. We have a flat screen TV on the wall and nothing else, so it is a giant bare 12 foot wall. The other walls are taken up by double sliding doors, a window, or the kitchen, so the TV wall is our main foal point for adding interest. We really need some personality through art, decor, and accessories to tie the room together.

I have a media console I like, but I’m not sure how to accessorize it. We also need toy storage solutions, which you can see in my photo! We have an outdated overstuffed chair, a coffee table and end table that could stand to be replaced.

We love our rug which has muted hues of orange, aqua, and gray, as it lends itself to being neutral but has color. The biggest issue is that impossibly plain and boring TV wall! Can you help tie it all together to look polished yet family friendly?

Thank you!




Dear Bethany,

You have a lovely space and we are happy to help you make it functional and beautiful.

We love your TV Stand and your beautiful rug. They are great starting point pieces to convert your “plain and boring TV wall” into an awesome one.

We thought that by putting a Morgan Bookcase on each side of your TV stand, you would have a beautiful storage solution for hiding toys. These bookcases will definitely fill up your big wall and maximize the height of your ceiling. Take advantage of the shelf space by placing favorite photographs, books, and collectibles to make your wall look amazing.

For a final touch, we think you should put two of our Jellyfish Wall Arts on top of the TV to fill the space between the 2 bookcases, to repeat a color balance from the carpet.

Layout for Bethanys family room

For your seating area, we like the thought of adding our Felicity Coffee Table to bring openness to your space. You will also be able to see your beautiful rug and its colors. We suggest bringing in our Addison Tray Table in Antique Pewter on one side of the sofa. This little piece is amazing because you can lift up the fitted top tray for serving and use the extra shelves for storage.

For lighting, we added Julian Apothecary Floor Lamp in Oil Rubbed Bronze on the other side of your sofa. We like the Morgan Side Table which is great for extra book storage. Also, the Leona Table Lamp is a great addition for task specific lighting.

Behind the sofa on each side of the window, we suggest hanging two of our Lancaster Mirrors to reflect light from the window and provide a sense of added space. They also bring the rhythm element from your TV stand to this opposite side of the room.

To replace your chair, we adore the idea of brining in two of our Leather Poufs in Teal because they are easy to move around the room and do a great job of bringing more color to the whole room.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team

Decorating Bethany's TV wall with storage and personality and adding finishing touches to a living room

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    Dianne Simmons

    December 28, 2016

    I am looking for a material that has blue hydrangeas or a couch with that kind of material on it.

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      Caroline McDonald

      August 21, 2018

      Hi Dianne,
      I’m not sure I can picture what type of sofa you’re looking for, but we do offer free design services. A trained interior designer can make some suggestions for you based on pieces you already have. Sign up here for an appointment: