8 Nautical Accents for a Summer Long Vacay

8 Nautical accents to make your home feel like you're on vacation

Casual lake-house inspired accents give us the feel that we're always on vacation

Don’t we all think of vacations when we think of summer? You may not be taking a trip around the world (or even out of the state), but we all deserve a little R&R this time of year. Because of that, we like to bring a few summer accents into our home that remind us of our favorite waterfront vacation spot. Casual spaces, nautical accents, and perfectly patina-ed finishes create a cozy vibe that feels relaxed and vacation-ready. Here are our favorites:

Casual lake-house inspired accents give us the feel that we're always on vacation

1. A Watery Color Palette

Blue is obviously a favorite when it comes to creating a nautical vibe in your home. In this space, we used a variety of blues like sky, indigo, and cobalt, and even though they’re not matching, it all comes together beautifully. With textured finishes, like jute-wrapped leaf wall plaques, a zinc pendant light, and worn wooden shelves, you’ve got a space that feels like it was collected over time. Which let’s face it, is what we all love about lake houses and beach cottages!

Jute wrapped tropical leaves, jute wrapped shelves, and a zinc pendant light

2. Natural Textures

We love that knubby texture of jute, so naturally we’re digging our jute leaf plaques and jute-wrapped Knowles shelf. When you’re wanting to create a space that has that same relaxed feel of your go-to vacation spot, we like to incorporate pieces with little details like this that evoke that feeling. Larger more permanent accessories like wall art are less likely to be changed out, so we go for details that create a ‘feel’ but aren’t necessarily in a theme.

Pillows are an easy thing to swap out season to season

3. Bring in Fun with Pillows

Pillows are the perfect place for you to go a little theme-y because they’re so easy to swap out from season to season. These Anchor Indoor/Outdoor Pillows have a whimsical embroidered anchor on them and are the perfect way to bring in a little nautical style, but you can easily store them in your built in banquette (our Breton Banquette has storage underneath) during the winter months.

Wall mounted hooks and a wall mounted bin turn a sliver of hall into a hardworking entry for beach bags, books, and reading material

4. Totally Chic Totes

You know we love a good tote bag, so we’re really digging these new jute totes with pom poms and fringe. They’re a great way to give your entry a little summertime feel. We take them everywhere from the grocery store, to the pool, and even on weekend getaways!

Nautical accents like a lantern pendant, round convex mirror, and a rug with a rope knot are fun and light hearted

5. Bring It Together

In this space, we created a room with a distinctly summery feel, but individually, the pieces we used could be at home in nearly any decor. Take our Cassidy Round Mirror. We’ve used this mirror in so many places. It’s one of our favorites because of its timeless shape and exquisite finish — there’s a little bit of gold, taupe, white, and blue all worn to perfection! This mirror can be at home in nearly any room, but with a rope-knot rug and nautical pillows, it transports you to the coast!

A living room with summer style and comfy family-friendly pieces

6. Comfy Furniture You Want to Relax On

You can’t have a home that gives you that relaxed, on-vacation feeling unless you actually want to relax in it. Comfortable pieces are a must if you want a space that recharges you after a long work day, which is why well-made upholstered furniture has to be the basis for every room. Take our Baldwin Sectional, for example. This piece is handmade in North Carolina from sustainably harvested wood, stuffed with a down/fiber blend in each cushion, and then covered in a washable slipcover. We can feel the naps coming just talking about it!

Arya patterned fabric and totes with a rope detail

7. Seaside Inspired Fabrics

Fabrics with a seaside feel are a great way to create that summery, vacation feel in your home. We love our new Arya Navy fabric because it reminds us of coral or sea anemones. In a color palette of navy and spa blue, this fabric can work with so many other pieces in your home. It’s fun, whimsical, and we especially love it on our Shiloh Spool Chair!

Create a color palette that feels beachy and fun to give vacation style to your home

So many of our fabrics work together to create beautiful palettes. We especially love the way all of these beauties come together — deep, rich indigo velvet, our Arya Navy fabric, Mira Blue animal print, and watery marbled Florentine Taupe.

Summer isn’t just about hitting the beach (although that’s definitely on our To Do list), it’s about taking some time to recharge your mind, body, and spirit, and you don’t necessarily need to go anywhere to do that! Just rethink your current space, and let your imagination inspire you to create relaxing spaces you’ll enjoy all year long!

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