Decorating Dilemma: Alicia’s Living Room

Adding a cozy feel to a living room

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Hi How to Decorate!

I am trying to make my living room more cozy! I need a new rug, and I have kids and a dog who likes to be on the rug. Since he sheds, I need something durable but one that is nice and soft. We have good natural light that comes in, but I just want it to feel more cozy.

Any suggestions would be great for accent pieces. I’m not planning to replace the couches and chairs but am open to replacing the tables and lamps.

Any advice is great!
Thank you,




An easy trick to making a space feel cozy is to add fabric and color, so we’ve selected some pieces with that in mind.

A rug is a great way to build the foundation in any room! We love the Abby Rug for its vibrant colors and pattern, and it will add some pizzazz to your leather furniture. Placing a pair of Elise Swivel chairs, in Arya Navy, facing the wall of windows will provide additional seating. As an added benefit, they swivel to allow ease in TV viewing.

To frame those gorgeous windows, the Everyday Linen Spa Drapery Panels will be perfect; these are just for softening the window not to block the light, just hang three to fall between the sets of windows.

A pair of Luciana Table lamps in Sage on each side of the sofa will add even more color from the rug. Above the sofa we would like to add in a couple of Castelli Wood Shelves to allow your family photo wall to be revolving without having to hang … they can just lean.

No room would be complete without a bevy of pillows sprinkled throughout. Don’t be afraid to mix the patterns as it will give you an eclectic look, plus, pillows are easy to change with the seasons and your mood. We used a Trellis pillow, a custom 20″ pillow in Naples Blue, and a Leopard Linen pillow.

We know these suggestions fulfill our decorating wishes.

Happy Decorating!

The Decorating Team

Adding a cozy feel to a living room

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