Runway to Room: Spring 2016 Fashion Trends


Sunshine yellow dress, paired with a home office in sunny yellow

Designer: Kate Spade

With the beginning of a new season, it’s always fun to look and see how home decor and fashion mirror each other in the styles both industries are loving. This Spring, we can’t get enough color, but we’re sure to temper that color with neutral foundation pieces like natural fiber rugs and classic upholstery pieces. In fashion, designers were sending tons of color down the runways, but the silhouettes were classic and timeless. Let’s talk through some of the ways home decor and fashion align this season.

Blue and white dress from Tory Burch, echoes a blue and white room from Ballard Designs

Designer: Tory Burch; Photo: Imaxtree

1. Blue & White

Usually home decor trends follow fashion trends, but are we crazy to think it was the other way around this season? Blue and white has been a huge trend in home decor for centuries — think Chinoiserie porcelain and ticking stripes! We love the way Tory Burch took a classic silhouette and used a funky blue and white print to make this maxi dress and showstopper.

We took the same approach in our living room, we classic furniture pieces, like our Eton Sofa and Chairs, in solid colors, we could have some fun with a bold blue-and-white rug and our new Charlotte Drapery Panels.

Sequined dress by Paco Rabanne for Spring 2016, echoed by a living room with brass accents and high shine from Ballard Designs

Designer: Paco Rabanne; Photo:

2. Sparkle

There was no shortage of sequins on the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan, and in the world of interior design, that trend can be seen in the form of glittering materials like brass and gold. Metallic accents bring glamour and shine to a room in the way that sequins bring glamour to your outfit. From a brass coffee table to abstract art with flecks of gold and even a brass lamp and mirror, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Glittering gold is a trend we aren’t letting go of anytime soon!

Splashes of coral in Spring 2016 fashion and home decor

Designer: Emporio Armani; Photo:

3. Splashes of Coral

We’re digging color, and it appears Emporio Armani is too! This fun hue is so perfect for ushering in a new, warmer season, and it transitions beautifully into the hot, humid months of summer. We’re talked about decorating your home with color that flatter you, and coral is one of those colors you can incorporate easily, whether it’s on drapes, a rug, or upholstery.

Tailored pieces in warm neutrals

Designer: Protagonist

4. Tailored Pieces in Unexpected Textures

Neutrals are a staple in both fashion and home design, and it seems in both we’re loving neutral colors but in unexpected textures. LA-based fashion house Protagonist re-imagined a classic trench coat in the perfect camel suede, and we like to think a camel velvet headboard echoes the same idea. Just because you want a neutral foundation pieces, doesn’t mean you can’t make that neutral luxurious.

Hot pink Kate Spade outfit with ladylike details, paired with a home office in hot pink from Ballard Designs

Designer: Kate Spade; Photo: Imaxtree

5. Hot Pink & Ladylike Details

We think it’s about time we embraced our unapologetically feminine side. Why not go pink and girly full tilt? Kate Spade pulled out all the ladylike stops with a full midi skirt and peter pan blouse (and even hot pink patent shoes!), so we feel no shame in admitting our own pink obsession. Suzanne Kasler’s Signature Linen in Peony works just about anywhere — an office chair, drapery panels, pillows, or any other fantasy you can dream up!

Max mara outfit in yellow stripes with living room in yellow stripes

Designer: Max Mara; Photo:

6. Sunshine Day

It seems like we’re all digging a happy yellow hue this season. What better cure all for the winter blues? And for serious winter blues, it seems both fashion and interiors are prescribing this happy hue in striped form! Now that’s regime we can get behind!

Nautical stripes in navy, black, and red

Designer: Ralph Lauren; Photo: Getty Images

7. Under the Big Top

Speaking of stripes, all subtlety has been throw out the window, and we’re embracing an almost big top sized stripe that packs a serious punch. Ralph Lauren took a classic button-up blouse and gave it a bold stripe, then paired it with wide leg navy pants and a dose of red. We’re feeling the same vibe but brought that bold stripe to our new outdoor cabanas. When paired with red accents, like our Cafe Table and Chairs, this look transitions easily from runway to room.

Mandarin orange on the runway and in Suzanne Kasler's new Taylor Parsons Collection

Designer: Narciso Rodriguez; Photo: Imaxtree

8. Mandarin Moment

Suzanne Kasler’s Mandarin colorway isn’t new to her collection, but it is having a moment! We’re really digging the vibrant shade of orange in her new Taylor Parsons Collection and the way it gives a classic silhouette a dramatic update. It seems Narciso Rodriquez was feeling the same thing — take a timeless silhouette and give it an unexpected color for total sophisticated style.

What do you think? Are you loving the new trends for 2016?

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