Decorating Dilemma: Heather’s Master Suite & Workspace

Decorating a master suite with a workspace

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Dear How to Decorate,

We recently built our dream home and moved in 3 months ago. I feel like we are finally getting settled!

One of the areas I would like to finish is our master suite. It’s not only where we sleep every night but where I work everyday. My husband and I both work from home. Since I didn’t want to work out of the home office with him everyday, I have put my desk/work area in our bedroom. All the furniture in this room I will be keeping. What I would like is to dress up my walls and windows so when I’m in here everyday I don’t feel like I’m staring at white prison walls!

As you can see we have 2 large blank walls — one in the sitting area and one in bedroom area. I’ve been debating about if I should do a gallery wall on one and large artwork on another or a large leaner mirror?? If I do a gallery wall, where do I start? Also my windows need help! It is more to warm up the space up than for privacy. I’m also looking for an ottoman or pouf for in front of the couch.

This is the part of decorating where I need help! I need things to warm the space. Every time I see a piece of artwork or curtain panels I can’t decide. I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong choice!

Please help with my space so I can work everyday and look at the beautiful room around me.





Dear Heather,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help decorate your dream house! We love your existing pieces and think you are off to a great start. From the photos you sent we can see your dilemma – naked walls and windows! We can definitely warm up this space with wall décor and even a few shelving pieces. Also, adding some color to the floors and windows you will be able to achieve the cozy feeling you are after.

Let’s start with the bedroom/office portion of your master suite. The large blank wall can be used in so many useful ways. Our Martin 3-Drawer Console in rubbed white can be centered on the wall with our beautiful Zinc Framed Mirror and Alabaster Blooms Prints hanging above to create a gallery. Also, these art pieces will pair nicely with your mirrored desk. You could flank the Martin Console with French Bookcases in gray for added drama and functional storage.

Our Meyers Drapes in Spa will look great around your windows and will create a soft frame for your bed. Consider hanging them almost to your crown molding in order to maximize the presence of your windows in the room. In addition, you might want to consider one of our pieces of art for a new look in this room. The Repetto Canvas (in size 45” X 36) would be amazing!

We know you spend a good part of your day here, so we would love to add some color to the floors. Consider bringing in the Rosemont Rug – it has beautiful color palette with neutrals and spa. The final touch would be to add the small Verdi 1-Light Chandelier above your desk and pull up our best selling Louis Chair in a complimentary fabric. This would make your space completely personal.

The sitting room can have a slightly deeper and warmer look by adding the richly colored Dolci Rug to the center of the floor. On the blank wall near the chaise on your section, let’s add Stanley Arch Mirror for drama and to repeat the “sparkle” in your bedroom.

Our artwork Alone At Last and Sunday Drive are fabulous additions to any of the walls in the suite since the color story echoes back to both spaces. Since you have several open wall spaces, you could hang them to create color balance.

The windows will look great with the Dupioni in Spa for a fuller look than the bedroom, or you can bring back the Meyers Drapes for a cohesive look.

You mentioned something for in front of sofa. We like the idea of Upholstered Cubes in Soho Velvet Lemongrass will add color and function. We also think the space would feel more balance with the addition of our Larkin Swivel Chair in Harper Teal paired with a small side table like our Olivia. Finally, our Bornova Coffee Table centered over the rug will finish off the space.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team

Decorating a master suite with a workspace

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