Video: How to Use a Floral Frog for a Tall, Dramatic Arrangement

Just in time for summer, Bunny Williams designed a variety of floral frogs to make flower arranging easier than ever. According to Bunny, anyone can create a beautiful arrangement if you’ve got the right tools. We’re not saying we didn’t take her word for it, but we did put her floral frogs to the test. We asked garden and entertaining expert, James Farmer, to help us create three unique looks using each one of Bunny’s floral frogs — and we think you’ll love the results every bit as we do.

Sometimes you want a little drama in your life. Towering flower arrangements with larger-than-life blooms and cascading greenery bring the perfect amount of drama (the good kind) and elegance. We asked James to help us take an average arrangement to soaring heights. He selected Bunny’s Round Floral Frog to serve as a sturdy foundation.

“This is what you need to make something that’s kind of tall and dramatic,” says James. “It’s really going to give you the great support for heavy stems to make something that could be a great entry piece or statement piece for your next dinner party.”

Step 1:

Choose a large, substantial vase and place the floral frog at the bottom. Fill it with water to about half way.  Be sure to use lukewarm water to avoid shocking your newly cut stems.

Step 2:

Create a foundation with greenery, the backdrop that will make everything else pop. It’s as easy as clipping greenery, such as camellias or magnolia branches, from the yard.  For tall arrangements, clip branches with plenty of length that will allow you to trim them later to the height you want. It’s best to cut stems at an angle using a pair of clippers — scissors can crush the stem —  to allow for better intake of water. Before putting them in the vase, strip off any leaves or thorns from the part of the stems that go in the water.

Step 3:

Add tall elements to set your height, such as delphinium, which is readily available at the florist. James recommends first holding the stems next to the vase to find the right height you want before trimming them.

Step 4:

Create medium height with large blooms. James’s go-to, eye- catching solution is  hydrangea, a classic flower for any setting. Place them in a ring around the arrangement.

Step 5:

Add low height and a pop of color with smaller flowers. James chose coral roses and placed them in the arrangement in groups of three for bigger impact. Once you’re done, fill in the gaps with individual stems.

Step 6:

Add one final dramatic element with a cascading accent, tucking it in along the base of the arrangement. Amaranthus is a great choice, and its lime green color is a fresh neutral that works with so many colors.

One last thing: hydrangeas take lots of water, so be sure there’s plenty in your vase. You can even spritz your hydrangea blooms to keep them looking fresh. Now you can make your own beautiful arrangement!

Find Bunny Williams’ Floral Frogs here, or browse her entire collection for Ballard Designs. For more inspiration, watch all of our videos on our Video Gallery page.

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