6 Ways to Use Wall Shelves

For those of us who have “get organized” as a New Year’s resolution, wall shelves are a versatile way to declutter in style. Not only do shelves add extra storage for small spaces, they also offer a perfect solution for empty wall space that you just can’t seem to fill. From the entryway to the dining room, these shelving ideas will transform your walls from boring to beautiful.

1. Bring decor together

If you find yourself drowning in books, plants, and other miscellaneous decor, try making a cohesive design with a few wall shelves. For a curated look, it’s all about the layers. Use different shapes, stack books, throw in some of your favorite artwork, and if you get tired of your design, simply rearrange and tweak until it’s just how you like it.

Closet Organization2. Create your dream closet

Turn your closet into a glamourous boutique with pretty places to store your things. We love keeping things mess-free with a couple of wall-mounted shelves. They’re great for saving space and showcasing your clothing, accessories, and beautiful shoes.


3. Openly display your dishes

Why should the nice dishes only be out on holidays? Show off your gorgeous dinnerware with open display shelves so you can enjoy them year-round. For additional dining storage, use hanging racks for extra linens, cutting boards, and utensils.

Basket Storage4. Add storage where you need it

Control the clutter in the bedroom by layering your shelves with baskets. Stow away throw blankets, notebooks, extra sheets, and just about anything else. Look for baskets made of leather or woven materials to take your room to the next level of texture and warmth.

5. Give your plants a pedestal

Plants and wall shelves make the perfect pair. Just make sure to check how much sunlight your plant needs before setting it on a shelf in a super dark or bright room. Don’t have a green thumb? Fake plants give your space a splash of greenery without the maintenance.

6. Raise the bar

Finally, grab your guests’ attention with bar shelves above a console or sideboard. This tip works especially well if you don’t have enough room for a bar cart. To save space, go vertical with bar shelves and keep your spirits and glassware at your fingertips. You’ll be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice. Cheers!

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Mallory Thomas

Mallory is a content marketing specialist at Ballard Designs, sharing decorating tips and tricks for everything from paint colors to finishing touches. When she’s not creating content for the blog, email, and Tik Tok, you can find her walking her basset hound or needlepointing.


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    Bridget from Cali

    April 19, 2023

    Well done. Am a maximalista at heart♡, so I love luxe rooms richly layered with art, books, & treasures. Love metal, iron, & wooden racks that hold all your dishes & tools in a cool way. A huge bottle rack for your collection of mugs nearest your beverage center. A shallow rack for your oversized platters. A pegboard for your ironing board, cutting boards, pots, or other essential kitchen tools. Prefer a plate rack vs stacking them in a cabinet too.

    Love Ballard products. Interesting to see more merchandise for a modern sensibility too. Is there a way to merge modern, vintage, & traditional elements in a harmonious way? More eclectic in taste. ☆Thx for your great features.☆