How to Carve Out Another Room in Your House

Carve out another room in your entry with a storage benchNow more than ever, we all need our homes to live larger than ever before. We need more work space, more play space, more organization, and more function in each and every room. We have some clever ideas to help you carve out another room in your house that can solve some of life’s messiest challenges.

Add a Dedicated Work from Home Space

Whether you’re working from home temporarily or on a permanent basis, a dedicated work space boosts your productivity and keeps your home feeling tidy. There are so many ways to incorporate a workspace without needing a full home office.

Try a secretary. They’re a great option if you’re working from home on a temporary basis or only a few days a week. Most secretaries have a fold down shelf where you can place a laptop and other necessities. The best part is that you can easily fold the shelf at the end of the day to put everything out of site.  Don’t have room for a large furniture piece? Our Lauren Wall Desk offers all of the function of a traditional secretary, but without the footprint.

How to add a homework spot to your home by carving out another room in your house Homework and Homeschool Spot

Whether your kids are back in school or being homeschooled, a dedicated spot for learning is essential for grade school children. If you can, find a corner with few distractions and outfit this spot with everything your child may need.

  • Few distractions — You may not have a ton of options in terms of where to set up your child’s at-home classroom, but try to limit any distractions. A room without a TV and not their playroom.
  • Cord Management — If your kids are learning virtually, they’re likely using a computer or tablet. Have chargers plugged in and easily accessible.
  • Colorful Elements — School classrooms are filled with color and have motivating elements. Display their drawings or school projects and decorate with color.
  • Comfortable Furniture — They’ll be sitting in one spot for a long time, so a comfortable chair is essential.
  • Snacks and Drinks — Have a basket of healthy snacks nearby so they can help themselves. Anything they need to keep them from getting up!

Live Larger Outdoors

If you’ve got an outdoor space, take advantage of it. Even a small balcony or courtyard can make a huge difference in how large your home feels. Make the most of your space with a small bistro table or a single lounge chair for reading. Don’t forget to add all the trimmings like a container garden, outdoor rug, and side table. Make your small outdoor space a destination.

For larger outdoor spaces, create several small ‘rooms’ within your yard. A garden bench tucked near your favorite flowers, a fire pit with four chairs, or even a grouping of outdoor games can draw you into different areas of your yard.

Carve out another room with a floating wall desk and small upholstered bench

Take Advantage of Wall Space

If you’ve got empty wall space in your home, think outside the box and consider ways you can add function. Your home will live larger this way. A wall desk or hideaway table can be used when you need more workspace. You can also add tons of storage with wall space! Hooks, coat racks, shelves, and drying racks can help your space function better with very little footprint.

Add a play space to your home with a bookshelf and low table

 Tiny Play Space

Carve out a kids’ only spot in your home where they can entertain themselves. Include shelving for toys, mess-proof elements like performance fabrics and rugs, and low to the ground furniture specifically for them. This could be a corner of your living room, a space within view of your kitchen, or even just an area in their bedroom. Make it a destination where they can let their imagination run wild.

Reading Nook

Every home should have a few spaces to tuck in for a little escape. Whether it’s a window seat, comfy reading chair in a corner, or spare bedroom turned quiet room, a few small spaces like this can help your home live larger.

If you need alone time, first consider what types of activities you like to do when you’re recharging. Outfit your little corner with everything you need, like a comfortable chair, reading lamp, and ottoman. Add cozy elements like throw blankets and a side table for your evening tea or glass of wine.

White living room with bookshelves and patterned rug Space for Hobbies

Do you have a favorite hobby like yoga, knitting, or doing puzzles? Find one place in your house where you can do it all comfortably. It could be as simply as adding a storage ottoman for your workout mat and placing it next to a full length mirror. Or maybe it’s a well lit corner to needlepoint. Whatever your favorite hobby, try to find a place in your home dedicated to practicing this hobby, and make it everything you need.

Storage and Organization

No matter how large or small your home, storage and organization make a big difference in how your home functions. It’s important to consider each storage space and make it work as hard as possible.

  1. Purge first. We all have things we don’t really need but never got around to throwing away. Before you start the organization process, purge your things so you only have the essentials.
  2. Only keep what you need. You probably don’t need that old manual or a cord you have no idea what it goes to. Don’t listen to the ‘what if’s’ and instead, only keep what you really need and use regularly.
  3. Customize and Label. After you’ve started sorting your items, measure your space so you can customize storage accessories like bins and baskets. Containers should always be labeled so you can maintain your system more easily.

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