Podcast, Ep. 157: designer Joy Moyler

Award-winning interior designer Joy Moyler joins the show this week to share how we can carve off a little slice of luxury in our own homes. Joy works with actual royalty, along with dream celebrity clients such as Leonardo DiCaprio and John Mayer. Based in New York, Joy loves creating a whole home for her clients and talks about ways we can make both simple and layered designs clean and stunning. She shares what textiles and pieces are making her do a happy dance these days, and how working with huge brands such as Revlon and Ralph Lauren helped bring her eye for fashion into winning design creations.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

  • Joy shares the benefits of working with different design firms and both residential and commercial projects.
  • The same way that others mentored her, Joy pays it forward with hiring interns and mentoring the budding designers of tomorrow.
  • How Joy works with clients who choose to layer heritage pieces, and those who opt for a minimal and simplistic style.
  • What she loved working with huge brands such as Revlon, Armani, Ralph Lauren, and how fashion ties in so heavily with home design. 
  • What the celebrities are doing in their houses that we aren’t doing at ours, besides having multiple homes.
  • What a meeting with Leo is really like, and how Joy fought back a flu to attend a movie premiere!
  • A glimpse of what it looks like when Joy designs home from soup to nuts, including their flat-ware and tables. 
  • More about the Stone Barn Dairy Farm in update New York, which house some of the luckiest cows on earth!
  • Joy’s tips for using fashion textiles as window treatments or cushions.
  • Simplicity can sometimes be even more complicated.
  • Which of Joy’s projects she would take on as her own home.

Decorating Dilemma:

Hello Ladies!

I feel like usually you begin your decorating Dilemma segment by saying how cute the person’s room is, and I have to warn you that this is a case where that does not apply!

We are a military family living in North Dakota and bought a house we could afford that I like to call “the beige cave.”
It seems that everything in the house is either dark brown or beige. We’ve debated painting the kitchen cabinets and trim on the upper level white but then we would have to replace all the doors to white (right?) And we’re not sure how much money we want to invest in this home. I have always hated the backsplash as well.

We are waiting on a light gray sectional for the living room and I was thinking it would go in the corner between the windows? My husband hates my giant brown Craigslist chair but it’s all we’ve got right now! Here’s the thing, I’m lost y’all! I want to make the beige cave better but I’m so design challenged I don’t know where to start then get overwhelmed with the possibilities/work it would take! (Please dismiss the scattered toys… Covid y’all!)

Any advice will help! Thank you so much! Love the podcast, it has helped me through many a lonely deployment night.

Love from ND,

Joy thinks putting some artwork on the walls will create other focal points in the space. Definitely some colorful area rugs and Joy recommends a lighter printed window treatment. This will help soften it up and create a break from all the beige. A more translucent textile that is a lighter color instead of the blue would look better. For painting your walls, something celadon or light blue would look good. Thank you for writing, and be sure to keep us updated!

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Happy Decorating!

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