Change the Personality of your Room with Art

Let art change the personality of your space

Change the personality of your room with art

Ever wanted to change the direction of a space in your home halfway through the decorating process? Or perhaps you have a room that you’ve partially furnished, but never really finished? Art is the perfect way to bring new personality into your space. And the great thing about our art options is that you could go in so many directions, depending on which pieces you choose. Art just has the uncanny ability to take a room in a new direction!

As an example, take our Sybil Settee. We love tailored, feminine feel it has, but see how the whole space transforms depending on the art we hang over it!

An abstract painting feels dramatic, but traditional

Large Scale Painting: Formal & Dramatic

We imagine this pairing being a dramatic focal point in a traditional home. The artwork, Paris Mist, has colors that could work with mahogany antique pieces or beautiful Oushak or Oriental rugs. The important thing to remember is that the larger in scale your piece is, the more formal it will feel. A large painting feels very dramatic, almost like a long dress feels dramatic, so it works really well for maybe a formal living or dining room or a space you really want to make a statement! Or maybe you just want to take a casual room and blend in something more stately!

Shown: Paris Mist Art. Other great options? Gray Haze Hand Painted Print, Storm Over the Marsh Print, or Seasons Art.

A botanical grouping feels classic

Symmetrical Grouping: Classic & Clean

When you’re using a grouping like this one (a series in matching frames), you’re immediately creating a more classic look. You’re also creating a very symmetrical grouping, perfect when you love a tailored look. While a botanical grouping feels very classic, the important thing to remember is that a grouping like this one creates order. We love to use a moment like this one in rooms where the layout feels a little hectic. Maybe you have a ton of doorways that disrupt the flow. Perhaps there’s a room in your home that just always feels messy. Use a symmetrical grouping like this one to give a sense of tailoring to that space!

Shown: Orchids in Mirror Frame. Other great options? Blue Vase ArtSuzanne Kasler Antique Egg Art, or Nature’s Lace Art.

This watercolor whale painting has a relaxed, coastal feel

Coastal Subjects: Relaxed & Inviting

Whether you’re landlocked or seaside, one sure fire way to bring a relaxed, inviting feel to a room is to bring in a little bit of the coast. The subject of this diptych immediately creates a laid back vibe that begs you to come in and relax! We love the way coastal elements can do this! Plus, with it’s tone-on-tone color palette and watercolor medium, a painting like this one will just bring a sense of comfort and peace to your space.

Shown: Whale Diptych. Other great options? White Heron Art, Spa Tranquility Art, or Beach This Way Art.

Bold Color brings glamour and energy to a space

Bold Color: Glamour & Energy

For a room that’s feeling a little blah, there’s no easier way to energize it than an art piece with bold color! Another reason to bring a piece with bold color into your home? Glamour! Whether it’s turquoise, saturated jewel tones, magenta, or mustard, a super vivid color will immediately give your space a more luxurious look. We love using energizing pieces like this one in formal living rooms, offices, or even kitchens!

Shown: Raspberry Dream Art. Other great options? Coral Splash Art, Lake Effect Art, or Gemstone Giclee Print.

Art brings tons of personality to a space


No matter what look you’re hoping to achieve in your home, we challenge you to find an art piece (or pieces) that help evoke that look! You’d be surprised how much of a difference the right piece of art can make in your home!

Explore more ways to bring art into your space by watching our Art 101 series, and seeing all of the art-related blogposts on How to Decorate.

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    janice buck

    April 21, 2015

    Could you please tell me the name and brand of paint used on the walls in the Buchoz Botanical Art room online. Paint color and trim if available.

    • Reply

      Caroline @ How to Decorate

      April 24, 2015

      Hi Janice,
      The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Silver Bells #1458. But, because paint colors can change drastically depending on your space, we always suggest you test a paint swatch before making your final decision.
      The How to Decorate Team