Art 101: Part 1 Ballard Designs’ Art Options

At Ballard, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to art. The very thing in a piece of art that draws you in may be completely overlooked by another. That’s why we offer lots of style and finish options to make it fun and easy to find that perfect piece, says Ballard Designs’ Art Buyer, Karen Fleenor.

“It could be something that evokes a special memory of a special time. Perhaps it’s the bold brushwork or the color of an abstract that makes you happy. Or it might be the history behind an antique plate that makes it special. Whatever your connection, the perfect art is the art you love.”

In Part 1 of our Art 101 series, Karen walks us through the different styles of art we carry.


Most of our fine art reproductions, whether on canvas or paper, are giclées, a French term meaning “to spray.” The next-best-thing to the original work, a giclée gives you the opportunity to own amazing quality art at an affordable price.

In the giclée process, the original art is scanned to produce a digital file. Then, ink is applied to fine art paper or gallery-wrapped canvas using a high-end inkjet printer. The detail of the finished piece can’t be matched by any other print reproduction method.

“This allows us to capture all of the nuances, color and perspective of the original artwork and bring it to you,” says Karen.

Antique Prints

If you’re drawn to antiques, then our Original Framed Art Series is for you. These pieces offer a rich history that only an original can offer.

“These are the real deal,” Karen says. “We find them all over the world and bring them to you. Some date back as early as the 1700s. We love the authenticity and the imperfections that you can only find in these original antiques.”

Expect to see the hallmarks of a true antique, including foxing, watermarks, creases and other rich character traits. All of our antique prints have a museum-quality linen mat and framed with UV protective conservation glass.

Hand-Painted Art

To give our customers a unique way to discover original art, we work with select artists to create beautiful designs that are then painted onto canvas.

“These special pieces are painted entirely by hand on canvas making each a one-of-a-kind piece,” explains Karen.

To learn about finish and frame options, watch Part 2 of our Art 101 series.

Find more helpful videos by visiting our YouTube channel, or browse inspiration and ideas on our Pinterest channel.

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