Art 101: Part 2 Ballard Designs’ Framing and Finish Options

When you’re trying to find the perfect piece of art, it’s important to know your options. And at Ballard, you have lots of options. In Part 2 of our Art 101 series, we asked our Art Buyer, Karen Fleenor, to walk us through the different framing and finish options we have available.

Canvas Art

First, there’s canvas, one of our most popular types of art. Like an original canvas, the image is wrapped around the sides of the wood stretcher bar.

“This gives a clean, seamless look that allows the art to speak for itself,” explains Karen.

Love the look of canvas but want a more finished look? Some of our canvas art is set in a floater style frame with no glass, allowing the texture of the canvas to shine through.

“This complements the art as well as the surroundings,” Karen says.

Fine Art Finishes

Most of our canvas art features a special finish to capture all of the color and detail of the original. The different finishes used achieve different results.

A clear acrylic finish is applied by knife or brush to recreate the texture of the original. To create a crackle finish, gel is applied by hand, and as it dries it recreates the look of an aging canvas crackling over time. A hand-embellished finish means touches of acrylic paint are brushed onto canvas by hand to mimic the brushstrokes of the original painter.

Our newest finish is glass coat. A super high-gloss epoxy resin is poured over the canvas by hand, creating a smooth glass-like finish for great depth and dimension.

Art on Paper

We also offer art on paper in a variety of styles. Framed paper has no mat board. The paper edge is hidden behind the frame for a clean, simple finish and allows the artwork to be large within the frame.

Another option — and the most traditional method — is matted and framed. A mat board creates a border between the art and the frame.

“Adding a mat board creates a visual space allowing the artwork to shine,” explains Karen. “It also creates a space between the artwork and glass.”

Art in Multiple Sizes

We also now offer our top-selling art and new art in multiple sizes. Most of the selected art is available in three sizes — what we consider medium, large and extra large — but actual sizes vary according to the proportion of the individual piece.

“This will allow you to find the perfect art for the perfect space” Karen says. “So there’s no excuse not to buy the art you love.”

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