Summer Crafts for Kids

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Summer is (finally!) here, bringing sunny skies, long days, and a welcome break from our usual routines. Carefree summer days can bring something else, too – those dreaded cries of “I’m bored!” from kids used to the daily structure of school. Fight off boredom with these interactive, creative activities designed to keep idle hands busy and young minds engaged, indoors or out. Just right for lazy afternoons or to keep kids occupied at picnics and parties, these projects are easy, affordable, and require minimal adult supervision. Plus, you can find everything you need at your local crafts store.


This is a great craft to enjoy outside, and lots of fun for groups. The perfect project for a summer get-together, it will keep the kids entertained while the adults socialize. You’ll need:

Clay flowerpots

Waterproof Acrylic paint

Paint brushes

Potting soil

Seeds or seedlings


Lay a painter’s drop-cloth down over the grass or set the kids up on a picnic bench to get to work. Provide a theme for their artwork – animals, the ocean, the 4th of July – or let them use their imaginations to paint their flowerpots in unexpected ways. If you want, you can also provide embellishments like stickers or small items they can glue onto the pot. Once the pots have dried, have the kids fill them with potting soil and plant their seeds or small plants. They’ll have fun painting their pots today and more fun later tending to their plants and watching them grow.





Keep kids busy on a rainy inside day with an activity that gets them ready for sunny days ahead. This is also the ideal project to do before heading out to a ballgame, amusement park, or camping trip. All you’ll need for this one are:

Plain foam visors, any color

Stickers, decals, or glue-on embellishments

White glue

Create a workspace for your kids and set out the supplies. Suggest some ideas to help them get started, like personalizing their visor with their name or initials or decorating it in support of their favorite sports team. Then leave the kids to their imaginations and enjoy a little quiet time of your own.





Nature-inspired activities are custom-made for summer. And this one is simple enough to do indoors or out with little supervision. Here’s what you’ll need:

Small, pre-made birdhouses (paper or wooden)

Waterproof Acrylic paint

Paint brushes


White glue


Set up a task area, making sure to put down newspaper or cloth to protect the work surface. Have the kids paint their birdhouses and allow them to dry. Next, have them decorate their birdhouses with embellishments like decals, lace, pom-poms, or glitter. If weather permits, consider sending the kids on a nature walk in the yard to find their own decorations. Leaves, twigs, pebbles, feathers, and other natural elements will give their birdhouses organic flair, and your kids will burn off some extra energy exploring the outdoors.

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