The Brown Room … Interpreted!

Dear Style Studio,

I have shamelessly copied the brown room in one of your recent issues and I absolutely LOVE it so far.

I am enclosing two photos: 1) before Ananda console and 2) WITH Ananda console. I love the piece so I used my own discretion by trying to insert it into your decorating scheme. My mistake.

As it turns out (and as you will see), I chose the dark wood for the table and it virtually disappears beside the dark wall.

My question: should I try to salvage the use of the table through lighting and what not, should I go with a lighter piece (in the same console or some other piece), or should I leave things simple (as they are in Photo 1). Returning this item is going to be a hassle but if that’s called for I’m ready to proceed!

Thanks you guys,


P.S. I also am using the orange rug you highlighted but need to order a larger size. Also the Moroccan hanging light and so on. I am captured by the room!!!

Brown Room With Ananda Console

Brown Room Without Ananda Console


We love that you have done such a fabulous interpretation of the brown room! It is a stunning space …

The Brown Room

The success of the room comes from multiple layers of beautiful pieces. In order to maintain that interpretation in your room, we think you should replace the Ananda Serving Table with the lighter finish. The brilliant profile of the table is lost against the brown wall!

As you finish up your room, don’t forget to add a color pop to your chair with a pillow in Velvet Pumpkin!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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    June 28, 2013

    Maureen: We understand. Let’s try this … consider 2 of our Wood Columns, a natural small and natural medium, positioned together near the artwork. The columns play a large role in your inspirational picture. Style Studio Team

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    June 27, 2013

    from Maureen: In calling to switch out the dark Ananda for the white-wash Ananda I found that the color is a whitey-pinkish. I am wondering how this color will go with the cream in the Shorebirds Print. I am aiming for exotic rather than beachy.
    Help again. Thanks.