Got The Furniture … Now What?

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Dear How to Decorate Team,

We have the furniture we love but we’re not sure what to do next.

We are struggling with decor and how to make the space feel warm and comfy.

It is our living room where there is no kid stuff so we want it to be more adult but still comfy.



Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Dear Amy,

You have a wonderful start to your “grown-up” space. Adding a few other pieces and accessories will complete your area and then it will be ready for entertaining.

Let’s begin with your sectional. Try adding our Sacha Mirror on both walls behind the sectional for a little drama then throw a collection of beautiful pillows onto the sectional. We love the fabric combination of Document Spa, Claire Gray, Cheetah Gray and it’s perfect to include our Vivienne Embellished Pillows into the group.

In front of your upholstered piece, add the Olivia Cocktail Table in Antiqued Black. Pull your existing bookcase in closer to the sectional then place our Metallic Garden Seat nested in front of the bookcase.

Now top the bookcase with a light … like our Madison Lamp.

Amy H Collage 1

Your sideboard is begging for a piece of art and we adore the thought of crowning it with the Garden Suite Prints. The color palette in these two pieces will bring a lovely color mix to your space. Add a group of candle sticks or urns to the top of your sideboard to finish it out.

The windows appear a little exposed with the rest of the room looking so gorgeous. To give them a bit of attitude, try dressing them in our Bingham Printed Damask Panels.

In the middle of the window we suggest adding a small chest providing the two chairs a point of association. We like the Sardinia Console in the Distressed Fog Gray finish to take care of this task.

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We are excited to see the final results of all your planning and hard work … we love pictures! Once you have finished all the details, you will certainly have a  gorgeous space to enjoy for years to come.

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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