Coffee Table Matching End Tables?

Dear Style Studio,

I love gold and champagne undertones, but I’m wondering if I get a golden leaf coffee table, will it clash or be too much gold?

I am currently using my parents old, very traditional coffee table and I can’t stand it. I feel that gold/ivory will lighten the feel of my living room.

Question is would a golden iron with a glass top coffee table clash with my golden end tables? If so, what are my other options without closing dark wood?



Megan Y 2

Hi Megan,

Your reading ‘buddy’ is adorable! Did you plan for your room decor to match her fur coat?

We understand your passion for beautiful finishes. Our team has many favorites. In your space, we suggest using the same furniture finishes but in a little different form.

Because your side tables are delicate in appearance, consider a counter weight in the room by using a glass table with a little more strength in the design. A good example is this vintage piece we found at an online auction house.

Cocktail table

When you are working to tie a new piece into a room’s decor, it should compliment and strengthen the existing pieces without becoming a “hiccup” in the space.

By the way, we think your hearth is screaming for one of our Courbe Ottomans upholstered in Zebra Natural Woven! We think it is the perfect interjection!

Courbe Zebra Natural

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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