How to Decorate Your Bedroom with Britany Simon: Part 2

Focal Treatments

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, but it’s often one of the last rooms we decorate. Whether it’s trying to find the right rug or deciding what to put on the wall or the great debate of fan vs. chandelier, decorating your bedroom can be a big task. So we invited HGTV Design Star Runner Up and “Fan Favorite,” Britany Simon, into our studio to help us pull together all the elements that make a bedroom beautiful, from floor to ceiling.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom with Britany Simon: Part 2

Make Your Bed the Centerpiece

Your bed is an essential piece of furniture in your bedroom, so make it your focal point, says Britany. Position it in a way that creates a natural flow in the room, and choose a style that helps pull your look together. “It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room, so make a statement,” she says.

Taking her own advice, Britany had the Stevenson Headboard upholstered in our lush Queens Velvet Magenta. Hello, color! With indigo and white as her dominant color scheme, she wanted a bright, energetic accent color for pop. It’s easy to pull it off, even in a bedroom, because the gray walls work as a neutral counterpoint, says Britany.

“I wanted the headboard to be big and bold – it’s the centerpiece.” Britany says. “The magenta gives a really fun color pop to the space.”

Accentuating the look is the metallic nail head trim on the headboard. “The nail heads add an extra level of dimension rather than having just a flat surface,” explains Britany. “And the metallic detail really glams it up.” You can easily add trim to an existing headboard to refresh your look, suggests Britany. “It’s something you can do on your own, and it literally takes minutes.”

Create a Dreamy Bed

Your bedroom should be a soothing retreat that puts you at ease right when you walk through the door. Britany often relies on a few tried-and-true tricks that encourages relaxation and ups the comfort level.

One of those is having crisp white sheets and bedding to sink into. “It’s easy on the eyes and it gives the graphic punch of the rug and the magenta a little breathing room. Plus it just feels clean and refreshing.”

She also advocates making your bed every day. “When you come home at the end of the day and your bed is disheveled, it just doesn’t work. For me, a messy bed is a messy head!” laughs Britany.

The designer makes the bed in one of two styles – a more casual look if you only have a few minutes to spare, with a simple coverlet or duvet pulled over the bed, or a more tucked in, layered look that she refers to as “hotel style” for a clean, picture-ready presentation. Britany usually reserves this look for the guest room, since it requires more time to pull together.

Lastly, she loves to use pillows to add to the comfort factor and tie the color palette together. There are no hard and fast rules to decorating with pillows, says Britany. She suggests playing with different shapes and sizes and the number of pillows to achieve a balanced, layered look that you like. “Two pillows is too few, but too much more than that and it becomes a pain to take on and off every day.”

Dress the Windows

Covering your windows creates a soft, layered look while controlling the amount of light in your room and providing necessary privacy. So do it with a little style, says Britany. And don’t forget to coordinate with the room’s main focal point, the bed, to really anchor the entire room’s décor.

Britany used the same magenta fabric that covers the headboard for the curtains. “I wanted to spread the magenta color pop around the room to reinforce the color palette,” Britany says. “It’s also in the pillows on the chairs and the bed.”

Do you love this bedroom as much as we do? Do you have your own bedroom decorating tips? Share your feedback in the comments below.



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    July 23, 2013

    Please tell me what the different sizes of pillows you have on the bed. And the accent pillow in the front–is that Ballard? I can’t find it on the website. Thanks!

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      July 26, 2013

      Kathleen: Below are the dimensions of the different pillows on the bed designed by Britany Simon. Back row: Euro – Cameron Bedding – Indigo (26” sq.)
      Second row: Bed pillow – Velvet Magenta (15” x 30”) Third row: Bed pillow – Delray Azure (12” x 20”) Front Row: This pillow was a unique selection by Britany that we don’t currently offer. To shop this beautiful room, click on the “Decorate Your Room” link at the top of the page. Style Studio Team