What to do with my home office/sitting room

Dear Style Studio team,

We have built a new home. My office is on the first floor.

It is a small square area with two large transom windows but they are a low windows at 26 inches from the floor to the ledge. The wall is 10 feet high. The right wall is straight and 10 feet tall. The wall on the right and on the left due to doorway are 79 inches tall.

I would like to have a desk with organizational features, shelves and filing cabinet but also a couch or love seat as well.

I like an eclectic feel.

The ceilings are nine feet tall. I am thinking in the blue family. The room is nine-by-nine or slightly bigger.

Help! I have a beautiful black book case with glass doors but it is pretty big.


Home Office Image 2 

Home Office Image 3

Home Office Image


An exciting adventure of building a new home … congratulations!

Our Style Studio Team has come up with a solution for your home office that will provide a functional and beautiful space.  

A great way to work with stronger colors in a small room is to use various shades of a color as accents.

We suggest punching your space as in the example below:

Sofia Sofa with rug

Robins Home Office

A good work surface is the backbone of any functional office. We recommend the Durham Desk because of its simplicity. Placing it in front of your window is perfect for looking at natures art.

Next, we suggest flanking your desk with the Bourdonnais File Cabinet to one side and the Turin Bookcase on the other.

Our Team recommends placing the Sofia Settee on the back wall topped off with a stunning piece of artwork. Nestle a Marrakech Side Table next to the settee along with a floor lamp to provide perfect light.


What a fabulous advantage … a square room! You have the luxury of using a square rug and having it fit perfectly!

Finally, remember to accessorize with beautiful lamps and fabulous blue accessories. It adds a fresh sparkle for your new office.

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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