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Jennifer Living Room 1

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Dear How to Decorate,

Would you be able to help me design the set up of living room? With the fireplace being the focal point, wall of windows, open wall and stair railing, it’s been very difficult for me to design.


Hi Jennifer,

We understand the challenges of an unusual furniture layout. We created a couple of different options for you. Our Team pulled measurements from our furniture to provide you with the best fit.

Layout A  – This layout provides independent seating with our Notting Hill Sofa, and 2 Travis Club chairs.

For additional seating, we placed Upholstered Cubes in front of the fireplace. Try setting the Bornova Coffee Table in front of the sofa to counter the odd angles of the room.

Our Style Studio Team suggested finishing off the layout with a storage cabinet against the wall and lamps to provide perfect lighting.

Jennifer Living Room 2

Layout B  – Our Team started with one of our most popular sectionals – our Baldwin frame with a chaise lounge on the end … a perfect layout for relaxing.

Next, we wrapped the back of the sofa with short bookcase to capture your treasured collections.

To finish off this layout, add a couple of tables in front of the sofa and add a bench on the outside wall for additional seating.

Jennifer Living Room 1

Once you have the bones of a good layout, have fun with your colors and fabrics. Choose elements that speak to your soul and you will always be happy with your room.

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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